What Benefits Does a Cloud Hosting Platform Provide?

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Cloud hosting platforms offer a number of services to companies that do not wish to have their own infrastructure, platform or software programs. Cloud hosting platforms allow businesses and individuals to subscribe to tools and technologies that they normally cannot afford. Most of these services are offered on a plug and play basis. All that one needs to do is, choose the service they want to use, and have it delivered online. Let us take a look at some of the services that are usually made available over the cloud to businesses.

1. Software as a Service

The most basic cloud computing model, Software-as-a-Service refers to a provision of software over the net. The on-demand software eliminates the need for hardware to host it. Service provider handles application license and management. SaaS solutions are available for different needs like project management, content management, storage and email management.

2. Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service is a cloud computing model where cloud service provider provides infrastructure. IaaS vendor provides a virtual data center as a service with hardware and software including virtual server space, IP addresses, network connections, internet connection, firewalls, bandwidth, and load balancers. IaaS lays the foundation for Platform as a Service.

3. Platform as a Service

Development on in-house servers is marred with complexities of installing hardware, operating system, middleware, defining user access, and adding app to APM tools, not to forget the regular maintenance of the entire system. Platform as a service or PaaS is a cloud platform to develop, run and manage applications without worrying about the underlying computing resources. PaaS is frequently used for software development and allows users to test and deploy applications effortlessly. With PaaS, users just need to log in using a secure web browser interface and the rest is taken care of by the cloud service provider. It helps to increase business agility and gives you more time to focus on code. Key benefits of cloud hosting platform are:

1. Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency is one of the critical benefits offered by cloud hosting. Startups who can’t afford to set up expensive enterprise-level IT infrastructure, cloud infrastructure makes for a great solution. On the other hand, for medium and large businesses, cloud hosting platform is not about dramatic cost reduction. It is more about cost optimization with a combination of different cloud models and the legacy system. With cloud, you only pay for resources that you use with its pay-as-you-go approach. As a result, cloud server leads to ROI improvement, reduction in IT staff, data centers and software licensing cost. Also Read: Diadem Jelastic PAAS Cloud – Now Available at India’s leading TIER IV ID

2. Scalability

Scalability is the most sought-after features in cloud computing. Cloud hosting empowers businesses to meet changing IT requirements. The requirements can change for a certain project, client, testing or application development. Cloud allows you to instantly upscale and downscale your requirements. Increase your existing resources without actually investing in it. Cloud hosting providers have experienced staff that focuses on constant monitoring and management of shared, private and hybrid cloud data centers. Consequently, cloud hosting platform allows you to allocate your resources quickly.

3. Focus on business

Cloud infrastructure is managed and maintained by cloud hosting providers. They are bound by Service Level Agreements (SLA) for premium service delivery and management. The onus of software/ hardware installation and upgrade is completely on the cloud vendor. Moreover, cloud services have a simple user interface. Cloud computing gives you a competitive edge. Deployment of mission-critical applications can be done with ease. The overall cost and provisioning time is significantly reduced. Apart from that, you can respond to client requirements with faster time to market. Thus, all you are left with is time to focus on your core business.

4. Reliability

Server overload and server failure are common issues faced by businesses with growing IT needs. Different clients have different server requirements at different points of time. Clients constantly nudge you to deliver as there is no room for failure. However, with a shared server, server failure can be easily tackled by the transition to a different server. Cloud server drastically minimizes the probability of a downtime. Cloud hosting provider invests heavily in backup and disaster recovery plans to prevent loss of data.

5. Flexibility

Cloud computing allows businesses to take a flexible approach to meet changing operational requirements. There are circumstances where you need to act fast to meet sudden load or plan for transient peak loads like meeting festive season rush in your web store or app. Cloud hosting platform provides you with extra bandwidth at short notice to prevent server crash that can be reduced once your needs are met.

6. Security

Security of the servers is of utmost importance to protect critical client data from cyber attacks. Data can be exploited by employees as well as external miscreants. In-house servers require you to implement set of policies and invest in technologies to protect data, applications, and associated infrastructure. On the contrary, in cloud hosting, everything is managed by cloud service provider. They follow the best practices in cloud security. For cloud vendors, the stakes are much higher because they are responsible for safeguarding interest of all customers hosting on the shared server.

7. Energy efficiency

Servers generate a lot of heat and organizations have to run cooling systems 24X7 to prevent damage from overheating. On the other hand, cloud hosting is environment-friendly and helps you to reduce carbon footprint. In cloud computing, multiple customers are hosted on cloud servers. And the cost of maintaining the servers is offset by the number of clients.

8. On-the-go access

Mobile access to cloud services enables you to access data on-the-go. Field sales team can keep track of data in real-time through their smartphones, tablets and be more productive in their job. Enterprise cloud applications like ERP, CRM, and HRMS are all available through mobile with real-time data synchronization.

9. Strategic edge

Integrated cloud analytics allows you to pull customized reports. Cloud hosting platform gives you the ability to have a unified view of data across the organization. Cloud and in-house applications, and legacy systems can function as a single unit with the help of SaaS integration. Mergers between two or more companies and business units necessitate application migration. Application migration can be done faster through cloud hosting platform. It gives you a strategic edge over your competitors as you can quickly put data from all sources for use toward a common goal.

10. Collaboration

Cloud hosting platform forms a great place for collaboration. Employees can share and work on same files simultaneously. It provides a virtual environment where remote employees can work together and deliver excellent customer service and contribute towards product development. It allows you to control authorization access depending on employee’s role and position within the organization. Expand your business over shared servers Cloud hosting in India is provided by expert cloud service providers that understand your business requirements. Whether it is private hosting, public hosting or cloud storage; all your needs are met under one roof through a managed cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting is the way forward to minimize upfront capital investment yet operating with the latest hardware and software. Cloud gives your business agility, scalability and flexibility to function under your own terms without compromising on security.

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