Choose PaaS to innovate faster and save cost with less risk

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To get an application running in the cloud you often spend long hours for downloading, compiling, installing, configuring, and connecting all your applications — and that is just to get your application up and running on a single virtual server. This is not only time consuming and costly, but it takes away most of your productive time which you could have spent innovating and improving your business. Then, what best solution can you choose? We at Diadem recommend you to go for PaaS. Let’s check why. Innovate Faster: Using a PaaS to deploy and run your application enhances your agility. By simplifying, automating, and eliminating the steps associated with setting up the foundation for your application, you can get your application deployed much more quickly and you can adapt, and extend it more rapidly over time. Save Money: By saving the number of hours it would take to set up the core stack, you are saving money. Pay as you go method: You only pay for the services procured, so there is not any wastage of resources. Pay-as-you-go method permits you to be charged only for what you use. Maximize Uptime: PaaS offerings can help you achieve your availability goals and give you innovative new disaster recovery/ business continuity options. We have the tools, technologies, and experience to help you avoid the unplanned outages that cause downtime. Speed, Flexibility and Agility: PaaS provides better flexibility, speed, and agility to the development process. By providing a predictable, application infrastructure, enterprises don’t get bogged down with enabling applications and can meet the customers’ e needs. Scale Easily: PaaS scaling mechanism leverages the underlying infrastructure’s elasticity but presents it in an easy-to-use way, abstracting the complexity of the mechanism’s details. Strengthen Security: A PaaS offering provides continual security updates for individual stack components as they are issued. Once you’ve made the decision to adopt the PaaS model, the next question is which provider to choose? Diadem, one of the pioneers of PaaS, has been running cloud-based platforms for more than 18 years and has some of the deepest expertise and over 1000 successful customers. For free demo contact:

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