Email and server security features on Diadem servers

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Diagram of Various Tiers of security in datacenter network and at server level


At Diadem Technologies we take extreme precaution and safeguard of our mailing services to ensure continuous and reliable availability of our mailing services to our clients. We have all our servers located in the world’s leading datacenter which has a very secure environment with various levels of physical and hardware based protection to keep your data safe from different attacks and vulnerabilities. The servers have multi core Xeon processers and have RAID10 array of HDDs for complete data redundancy so that a hard disk crash would not affect the server operations and would not result in any loss of data on the server.

The servers are restricted to be accessed via the Public network so that no unauthorized access to the servers can be made. We use a secure encrypted VPN (virtual private network) connection that connects to the private backend network and hence the servers are only accessible to the legitimate admin users at our end.

For network level protection we have in place perimeter hardware firewalls by CISCO systems to block external threats along with CISCO GUARD DDOS (Distributed Denial of service) and CISCO Tipping point IPS (Intrusion prevention system). CISCO GUARD DDOS protects from requests that make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users and brings down the server to halt. CISCO Tipping point IPS is an advanced Intrusion prevention system that is used extensively in critical networks to monitor network and/or system activities for malicious or unwanted behavior and can react, in real-time, to block or prevent those activities. Network-based IPS, for example, will operate in-line to monitor all network traffic for malicious code or attacks. When an attack is detected, it can drop the offending packets while still allowing all other traffic to pass.

After passing through the various levels of security mentioned above we have more additional security features on the physical server for protecting the server /server applications and the inbound and outbound mails.

  • At the server we have robust software based firewalls that have been customized to add another level of security in the server.
  • We have SMTP connection tracking system to check all the connections that are being made to the server for sending or receiving mails. At this level various parameters of a mail are checked like if the IP of the sender is blacklisted in any third party Anti SPAM website, if the sender has a valid mail server, if the reverse DNS of the sender email server is valid.
  • We have enabled greylisting on the server to cut down on SPAM mails before they can enter the server. We have advanced content filtering along with anti spam software, antivirus, malware and anti root kit signatures that are updated regularly to block emerging threats immediately.
  • Once the mail is scanned with the above filters, we implement a new and unique technique to authorize defined servers only to server your emails through the use of SPF records. Any other servers would not be able to send or receive any mail on behalf of your domain. This will cut down spoofing of your emails.
  • At the last stage we have SMTP authentication enabled that allows mails to be relayed through our servers only for those who are intended to send mails hence reducing the unwanted relaying of mails.
The above illustration highlights our commitment to ensure that we provide our clients with the best of breed technologies to ensure spam free, virus free, efficient and continuous availability of our mailing services for their operations. If you are interested in knowing more about our web hosting services and plan details, you can look us up at [ratings]

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