FREE SSL certificate with every hosting plan – Now Live!

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Free SSL Certificate Security for your domain – Now a reality!

We are truly excited in finally being able to offer a solution to encrypt every website hosted on our network through Plesk using the revolutionary Let’s Encrypt CA free SSL certificate solution.

Why does SSL encryption matter for your website?

What is Let’s Encrypt and how does it work with Plesk?

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority from the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It enables anyone to install a free trusted SSL certificate on their website and benefit from the enhanced security an encrypted connection provides. Unlike a self-signed SSL certificate, which is also free and secure (but not verified), a Let’s Encrypt certificate is recognized as fully verified and will display the padlock icon in the address bar of modern browsers. Beginning with version 12.5, Plesk provides access to both a plugin which interfaces with the Let’s Encrypt CLI client and an extension for use within Plesk.

Advantages of using the Let’s Encrypt extension with Plesk:

  • Another company (StartCom) has also been offering free certificates for some time, but they come with a number of limitations (no commercial usage, paid certificate revoking, etc).
  • Requesting a free certificate from StartCom can be only done manually, while Let’s Encrypt certificates can be issued automatically, saving time and effort.
  • The Let’s Encrypt extension in Plesk, provides the user interface for automatically renewing the certificates without requiring any human intervention.
Starting immediately, we have enabled this extension across all our servers hosted with Plesk 12.5 and above and you just need to email us a request for the Free SSL certificate and our support team will enable the Free SSL certificate and confirm from our end. This feature is available across our Linux and Windows 2012 shared hosting plans, Linux & Windows VPS plans and  also our dedicated servers. In addition to existing domains hosted with us, we will also be enabling the free SSL certificate for all new domains which will be hosted by us and through our partner clients as well. Here are some quick screenshots on  how to enable free SSL certificate for your domain with Plesk:

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  NO catches, gimmicks or hidden costs. Submit your request today and get the benefit of securing your website with 2048 bit SSL certificate encryption. Further Reading: [ratings]

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