How Plesk is beneficial to transform and manage your server, website and applications seamlessly?

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Are you Looking for any automation software with a control panel developed for Windows and Linux based retail hosting infrastructure, dedicated and shared hosting?

Whether you are an IT administrator, CTO or CEO, you may deal with a lot of issues and complaints from your clients’ end to regarding managing their websites, allocate spaces, integrate features etc. You may face a lot of hurdles to integrate and manage a lot of extensions at once. With Cloud technologies keep revolutionizing the industry, IT professionals need help managing multiple environments and services at a time more efficiently.

What is Plesk?

Plesk is a commercial web hosting and server data center automation software mainly developed for Windows and Linux-based retail hosting service providers. The user management model of Plesk is suitable for dedicated and shared hosting which allows the server administrators to set up new websites, email accounts, reseller accounts, and edit and create DNS entries through a web-based interface.

Want to explore the benefits, pricing, installation process, different web admin edition, and license details of Plesk?

Join us to find out how Plesk is important to simplify your IT infrastructure and streamline your work!

Get all comprehensive details from the most intriguing Webinar as it would help you better understand the new Plesk version and updated Plesk Obsidian features.

22nd December, Tuesday 3:00-4:00 PM (IST).

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The All-in-One web hosting and server datacenter automation software could bring revolutionary changes to the process you manage your hosting panels to manage server, website and applications!

Why should Plesk be your all-in-one control panel for servers, websites and applications?

Easy-to-use GUI:

Plesk has a tidy Graphical User Interface which is simpler to understand and more intuitive to operate.


Plesk is entirely secured by a lot of features including fail2ban to prevent intrusion, spam defence for email, and active directory integration. Like SSL certificates, WordPress security can be a tricky affair. Plesk makes this arduous matter easier by securing your WordPress instances with just one click. Plesk monitors WordPress updates around the clock and automatically ensures the installation of all security patches. Alongside, it fixes all the bugs.

Scalable WordPress Infrastructure Support:

Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit provides the entire list of automation and management features for WordPress infrastructure support which is scalable.

SEO Toolkit:

Plesk SEO Toolkit helps to analyze your site’s SEO from your hosting control panel and stay a step ahead in the race.

Hyperscale Cloud Services:

Plesk panel supports the servers by leading hyperscalers like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud.

100+ Extensions:

Plesk offers a variety of extensions like Security Advisor, SEO Toolkit, Joomla! The toolkit, Let’s Encrypt SSL and more to cover all needs of any server administrator.

Self-Repair Tool Kit:

Plesk Obsidian Repair Kit is a powerful self-repair tool that automatically detects and resolves issues with Plesk or its related services. It reflects a list of processes currently running on the server and filters them by disabling them. You can also see the total RAM, CPU, and Disk usage for all processes running on the server for individual processes.

Plesk Obsidian for Mail Services:

Plesk Obsidian helps Keeping your email conversations private and safeguard it from spying and cyber fishing. You can simply secure SMTP, IMAP, and POP connections to your mail server with an SSL/TLS Certificate. If you offer mail services for more than one domain, your users may have trouble with their mail clients. With Plesk Obsidian support. you can fix this by using individual SSL/TLS certificates for each domain.

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  • How Plesk can help improve your business processes?
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  • Live QA Session on “Plesk”

Interact with the best professionals in the business!

We will have with us-


Vladimir Samukov (Sales Engineer, Plesk)

Mr. Hriday Biyani (CEO, Diadem)


Barkha Singh (ZNet Technologies)

Don’t miss the most informative webinar on Plesk this year! Are you ready to get glued to it? Save the Date & Time!

22nd December, Tuesday 3:00-4:00 PM (IST)

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