As email continues to be the linchpin for business communication, many small and medium-sized enterprises continue to look for free email with hosting containing their custom domain name. An email id mentioning your business domain like- adds value and there are free email hosting providers that can offer such free email hosting with custom domain.

Obtaining free email with hosting services in India can be challenging as there are multiple caveats. In this blog, we have tried to compile the best options which you can avail to get free email hosting for custom domain.

G Suite by Google

GSuite is one of the premier email provider services that lets you enjoy a variety of GSuite apps for easy communication and collaboration. It provides you with the Gmail server for your business emails giving it the distinctive gmail domain name.

With the help of Tools like Calendar, Sheets, Docs etc , collaboration in work gets easier and less time-consuming. GSuite comes with the following features-

  • Custom domain emails
  • Cloud Storage
  • Collaboration apps like Sheets and Docs
  • Admin and security Consoles

GSuite also provides free email hosting for business. GSuite offers their basic plan free for educational and non profit organizations.

Being a G Suite Cloud Partner in India, we offer selective G suite email hosting plans to streamline your work. Go through this video to get an overview of how to use G Suite for Business communication and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) by Microsoft

Microsoft 365 is another great business email provider service by Microsoft that has their own set of Productivity apps to streamline your operation. It is a complete enterprise cloud productivity solution making collaborating pretty easy. With their well known tools and Office applications support , they are an obvious addition in our list.

Like Gsuite, Microsoft 365 also offers free email hosting for startups and SMEs. You can sign up for a free Microsoft 365 account and get the details to activate your account.

If you ask for ‘free email hosting for my domain’ then MIcrosoft 365 annual subscription is second to none as it also gets bundled on select devices. So that is another way in which Microsoft 365 can offer you free email hosting with custom domain.

As Diadem Technologies is also a Microsoft 365 Cloud Partner, you can check out our Microsoft 365 Plans and apply for a 30 day trial of M365 services to judge if it would be a good fit for your needs.

Now, let’s discuss How can you really get free email for business?

Although both G Suite and Microsoft 365 are global email hosting solution providers, they do not provide free email hosting for business which means you will have to pay for the email accounts along with your hosting fee.

So, you might be thinking about the existence of a possible way to get free email with hosting?

Surely, there is ! Diadem Technologies offers you free email with hosting when you sign up for any of our free email hosting service in India . So, you don’t have to pay extra for your business email needs. With a full redundant hardware and daily backups for your hosted data, we ensure that your email is safe and available at all times. Some advanced features which we offer as part of our free email hosting service are mentioned below:

1. Reliable free email hosting for domain

Diadem hosts at India’s only Uptime Certified TIER IV DC with 99.9995% Uptime SLA. It means that your server always stays up and your mails are secured.

2. 100% secure and safe hosting

Along with the best free email hosting custom domain, Diadem provides advanced security features including two factor authentication, antispam, antivirus and email encryption to ensure 100% security of your mails and safety from any third-party intervention.

3. Fully-Managed Support

With complete support from us, you can stay assured about your hosted instance and get round-the-clock assistance at every step. With our dedicated team , we can help you to set up business email account free so that you can easily migrate and be able to use the service efficiently.

How to manage the emails in free email hosting service ?

Do not get confused with this. Diadem lets you manage your mail server with the help of Plesk free Email hosting for our clients. Plesk provides you with an easy to use panel where you can analyse all your mail server needs at one place. Here are some video links to show how easy it is to manage your free email hosting for domain with Plesk.



Other Key Features of Free Email Hosting for business

With Plesk, you will get a wide variety of options for creating emails, forwarders, autoresponders and aliases to reduce your workload. Their Webmail option helps the user to access the mail through the browser. Plesk also provides POP/IMAP and SMTP Support inbuilt on their panel so that you can access everything from one place.

To conclude, getting free email hosting for business with custom domain name is still possible provided you host your website with a provider who offers you reliable, secure and protected free business email hosting services within a bundled solution.

You can check our free email hosting for business plans which also includes several other hosting features to get your domain hosted online containing your custom domain name.