Need a Free Windows Web Hosting Panel? Checkout our review of SolidCP

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Deploy SolidCP – A Free Windows Hosting Panel for Your Windows Web Server

If you are familiar with web hosting on Microsoft Windows servers, you might know, that it is all about only a single brand of web hosting panel, all the way. You may wonder if there is any Free windows web hosting panel available in the market? Although for Linux, there are myriads of web hosting control panels (many of which are open source and free) available, there are very few alternatives available for Windows web hosting panel. Though a few commercial offerings are present, they lack the comfort and usability making it less adaptable among the hosters especially in this highly competitive web hosting market.  We at Diadem Technologies are aware of this bottleneck situation and are continuously doing our R&D to find the best alternative free windows web hosting control panel. The idea behind it is to allow our Windows VPS and Cloud service associates, extract the maximum possible value, out of their online assets. After weeks of research, experiments, and black-box testing on multiple web hosting control panels for windows, we finally found our best option among the various windows web hosting panel solutions. And guess what its free and open source too. It is actively being developed and has a thriving community of users. It is the SolidCP.

What exactly does SolidCP – A free windows web hosting panel offer to its users?

SolidCP is a free windows web hosting panel and is a fully functional and feature rich hosting panel for Windows in the Microsoft product ecosystem yet free and open source. It has an enterprise-grade functionality required for public cloud service offerings.  SolidCP descended from WebsitePanel, which was once a free alternative to other commercial products available at that time. It was useful, though limited in functionalities. SolidCP is a big uplift from the old Website Panel. Adding functionalities and features in all areas of web hosting management. Great, for any free windows web hosting panel software.
free windows web hosting panel features of SolidCP

Solid set of feature support in SolidCP

How to Install SolidCP?

This free windows web hosting panel can be installed easily by following these steps:
  • You can download the control panel from their official website: Pre-installation of IIS Web Server and MS SQL Server is required.
  • Next, you will need to set a password.
  • Once the control panel is installed, open the portal with the URL: http://<server_ip>:9001 and log into the severadmin account using your previously set password.
Free Windows Web Hosting Panel login

SolidCP – Free Windows Web Hosting Panel Login page

  • Services like FTP, DNS, Mail Services needs to be manually configured under the server section as they are not automatically identified.
  • Once the service is configured for the server it needs to be added to the virtual server already present. The default hosting plan will use this virtual server resources for allocation.
Adding Services to a Virtual Servers

Adding Services to a Virtual Servers

  • Also, one of the important thing that needs to be configured is the Web Sites Shared Public IP address.
Configuring Web Sites Shared Public IP address

Configuring Web Sites Shared Public IP address

Our Review

We opted for SolidCP as it is easier to install and is able to produce more value for our associates, due to its free and open source nature. Also, the active development process is an added assurance for us. Its exhaustive feature set is also another factor, which gives us hope, that we may extend its use, beyond the standard web hosting scenario. We hope the above post gives you some insights on SolidCP – free windows web hosting panel and you can go ahead and install this on your server. At Diadem Technologies, we do install and configure SolidCP web hosting control panel as an alternative to Plesk Windows Hosting Panel, which is the industry standard control panel for Windows. so feel reach out to us in case of any help.

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