What is PaaS in Cloud Computing?

In the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, developers essentially rent everything they require to create an application, counting on a cloud provider for infrastructure, development tools, and operating systems.

PAAS in Cloud Computing allows programmers to simply create, run, test, and deploy web applications. One would purchase these applications from a cloud service provider on a pay-as-per-use basis and access them using the web connection. In PaaS Cloud, the scalability is managed by the cloud service provider. For this, the end-users don’t have to worry about managing the infrastructure.

PaaS in Cloud computing includes server infrastructure, storage, and platforms like development tools, management systems, and business intelligence to support the net application life cycle. PaaS simplifies net application development; from the developer’s perspective, all backend management takes place behind the scenes.

Java, Node.js, ASP.NET, PHP, and Python developers require fully-customized dedicated server hardware to build new applications online with specific runtime requirements. PaaS examples in cloud computing include servers optimized to support high levels of web traffic for media, publishing, eCommerce, promotions, and more.

Characteristics of PAAS examples in Cloud Computing

Easy Deployment

With PaaS in Cloud computing, it is easy to deploy Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, .NET, and Python applications. Using integrated plugins like Maven, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA or Docker, GIT, SVN, archives, you do not need to change any codes.

Easily Scalable

With the required trigger of streamlining your work, Diadem cloud infrastructure services get ready to automatically scale your application horizontally and vertically during load spikes. With load balancers, the traffic is evenly distributed across multiple instances.

Easy to Manage

Compared to the other hosting services, Diadem PaaS in cloud computing services are easier to manage for the Developers. The dashboard provides an intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, team collaboration functionality, and integration with CI/CD tools.

Customization of PaaS in cloud computing

Companies that need to run complicated applications or handle a lot of traffic, often find that it is important to have a server configured to their unique needs. Diadem Paas Cloud provides that platform for the developers and the management to customize the server that fits their requirements.

SSD Enterprise Servers

Diadem PaaS cloud platform is built on 100% Solid State Disks and it provides for lightning-fast response times. As it is powered by the latest Intel Scalable CPUs that drive your apps to perform better with high disk I/O performance.

Automated Backups

Your work details and confidential data are always safe in PaaS cloud infrastructure by Diadem where daily incremental backups are maintained. Prior backups are also restored to your servers in case of DR situations.

characteristics of paas in cloud computing

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How to Choose a PaaS in Cloud Computing Provider over VPS or Shared Hosting 

#1- PAAS Cloud Provider Scalability than VPS or Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, the users would need to move other applications off the shared hosting server to scale vertically. It can be scalable up to the resources available in a single physical server. In the case of the VPS server, the users might be able to vertically scale out to multiple servers. However, the main concern is that it takes a considerable amount of time, potential downtime of applications, and configuration effort. With Diadem PaaS Cloud, the application environment includes scale-up and scale-out parameters to help users to scale their website or applications quickly and effectively. One can simply use the graphical user interface to define app servers, databases, load balancers, IP addresses, and set scaling limits across multiple servers or a single server easily and effectively.

#2- PaaS Cloud vs VPS: PaaS Cloud is easier to manage than VPS

How many resources are you spending managing VPS servers for your application? It takes a huge amount of time to update packages, apply security patches, and configure systems.

PaaS in cloud computing is about simplicity and efficiency. It can be reconfigured as per the requirements of the users as they grow periodically. The cloud hosting provider manages the infrastructure, security, compliance, tools, and the developer self-manages the application environment accordingly. The developer dashboard provides all the tools to configure and deploy an application in the cloud via a simple GUI. Added to that, there is also an API and CLI tool for programmatic access to these features.

#3- Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting: Better Security than Shared Hosting and any other PaaS solutions

How many resources are you spending managing VPS servers for your application? It takes a huge amount of time to update packages, apply security patches, and configure systems.

In a shared hosting environment, customer applications are run in one shared environment with other apps. Technical glitches in these multiple applications might lead to a server failure. Diadem PaaS Cloud is deployed using Jelastic PAAS was the first commercially available PaaS cloud solution to address the benefits of container technology where each application and its environment is distinguished from the others. This is a built-in mechanism for security. Applications that crash are isolated to their instrumentality to prevent an effect on different apps. Every instrumentality is controlled for quantifiability and resource consumption such that applications don’t consume all the resources on a given server. However, not all traditional PaaS/IaaS/VPS solutions do this. They provide a complete OS environment to one or more applications. It leaves an impact on the security and makes it very difficult to scale after a VM is full. PaaS Cloud vs VPS Inner Image 2

#4- PaaS in Cloud Computing vs VPS: Multi-Tenancy Benefits

Though PaaS Cloud provides application-level container isolation, it can run on multiple environments in a single server. It offers the benefits of multi-tenancy without the risks. It also offers around a 30% improvement in density over VPS solutions as application containers can auto-scale within a server.

VPS environments are almost over-provisioned to scale without complex reconfiguration. It significantly leaves an impact on the density of applications on a server. Autoscaling PAAS in cloud computing ensures elimination of the over-provisioning of application environments by dynamically scaling up and down/ with only the required resources. Not-in-use applications can even hibernate and release all the server resources back into the pool.

#5- Fair Diadem PaaS Cloud Pricing Model: Low Pricing than VPS

Automatic vertical scaling features of Diadem PaaS Cloud – Powered by Virtuozzo Devops PAAS are able to change the amount of resources provided to a container. The users never need to overpay for unused resources for this feature.

Thus, it initiates a fair pricing model and saves your time by withdrawing manual adjustments or architectural changes. PaaS cloud mechanically states the optimum quantity of resources needed for your app, to trace the incoming load in period. With PaaS cloud, the users need to pay for the actual resource consumption, not the instance size. Automatic vertical scaling up and down with hourly billing makes the amount of monthly bill less than that of VPS,
paas in cloud computing

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Our Conclusion of Characteristics of PAAS in Cloud Computing

With PAAS in cloud computing, Small and Medium Enterprises, Software Vendors, Digital Agencies can offer digital transformation and a variety of cloud services to their customers. Being the leading cloud service provider in India, we provide a cloud platform designed for reducing cost, speeding up development, eliminating complexity of application and improving uptime and cyber security.

There are various offers and plans available with a 15 days trial option to check how Diadem PAAS Cloud can help your business. In case of any query you can contact us here.