Shared Versus Dedicated Web Hosting

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Your Web hosting company can be your site’s best friend or worst enemy – depending on the level of service and responsiveness. A successful Web site depends on a good Web host, but it’s just as important to select the right kind of hosting account. Are you willing to share space on a server with other sites or do you need a server of your own? Know the answer before you make a decision.

Shared Hosting Services

Unique And Shared IP Addresses Every server connected to the Web has its own IP address. The IP address uniquely identifies that server much like a membership number or driver’s license number identifies a particular individual. IP addresses are also tied to domain names. This relationship means that Web users can either enter a domain name or an IP address in a Web browser to access the information on a Web server. The basic difference between Web hosting accounts is whether a site has its own server or shares one with other Web sites. That arrangement determines whether the site has its own IP address or shares one with other sites. Most small to medium-sized sites use a type of hosting called “virtual hosting” where a number of Web sites reside on the same server. Because the sites share a server, they also share an IP address. Large and/or busy sites usually can’t share server space because the volume of Web traffic from many sites would quickly overwhelm the server. Those sites either operate their own servers or select a “dedicated hosting” option from their Web host. Dedicated hosting means that your site is the only site residing on the server and so you aren’t sharing an IP address with any other site. Which type is best for you? Let’s look at the good and bad points of both.

The best thing about virtual hosting is price: it’s usually really low. Depending on your site’s technology, storage, and bandwidth requirements, virtual hosting can cost anywhere from Rs. 999 per year to Rs. 9999 per year depending on your space and feature requirements. If price is your main concern, then virtual hosting may be right for you.f you run a small business and don’t expect more than 1000 visitors to your website per day, then shared hosting is for you.The only problem with shared hosting is that bandwidth is limited, so if your site becomes very popular you might find yourself running out of bandwidth quickly. But make sure you’re aware of potential problems:

Know your neighborhood: Sharing an IP address with known spam sites or adult sites raises a warning flag with search engines. Spam sites try to trick search engines into giving them an underserved high rank, so some search engines like AltaVista respond by banning the entire IP address from their index.

Check your Web host’s terms of service page to see what sites are allowed on their servers. Also ask if they offer an individual IP address for different sites on the same server. Some hosts do, but make sure the IP address and domain name resolve correctly before you start promoting the site.

Server response : Some web hosts provides free hosting service for a limited period from where you can judge the server performance and the features they would provide you for your hosting service.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting is the opposite of shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is about you being in total control of the server and what goes on the server. You decide whether to host 1 site or 10 of your sites.Dedicated hosting allows you to tailor database, email and software applications to your desire – so it works the way you want it to. This is powerful.Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites with high traffic and large businesses who want complete control over the server so they can fine tune there applications, etc.

Another benefit of dedicated hosting is you can resell the space/bandwidth to people who want to setup their own website.Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting will cost considerably more and a monthly payment.If your website is critical to your business, then it is highly recommend that you opt for a dedicated hosting.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  • More control: You don’t have to worry about someone’s bad script slowing or crashing the server. You have only yourself to blame if that happens!
  • Faster response with high traffic loads. Because the server only responds to request for information from your site, visitors won’t have to wait in line to view your Web pages and images.
  • No bandwidth penalty. Virtual hosting accounts usually offer a certain amount of bandwidth per month to each site on the server. Sites that go over their allotment get charged extra. But dedicated hosting generally has no such restrictions because it’s assumed you need a lot of bandwidth if you require your own server.
Evaluate your needs and your financial resources before you sign up for hosting and choose your host carefully.

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