Ten reasons for upgrading to a Dedicated Server

Customers are spoilt for choices when it comes to browsing a website. They have enough websites to look at when evaluating their purchase. What does it leave you with? You have to ensure that the user experience has to be flawless. How do you do that? One of the ways you can do this is through a fast browsing experience. Your customers will give you three to four seconds through a desktop and five to six seconds through mobile before they exit the page. You might have spent a significant amount of time designing the web pages. You might be having a great product or service. However, you will never engage with your customers if your site loading time is slow.

Let us now look at what are the browsing options we have

At a high level, we have four options: Shared server, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server, and Cloud hosting solutions that the hosting providers offer. We will quickly look at the use cases on when we would use any four options.

  • Shared server
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Virtual private server
  • Cloud hosting

Before deciding on the hosting, you will have to ask yourself the following questions about your requirements.

  • Yearly budget?
  • Expected traffic on the website
  • Technology expertise in house

With these three major questions, you will figure out the type of server options. You may have chosen a shared hosting, to begin with. The provider hosts and maintains all the websites on the same server. This has a lot of advantages. The provider takes care of the virus, malware, and upgrades. However, this option has a disadvantage. The speed is comparatively slower. How do we find if the speed is slow? This may not be visible to the human eye. However, the speed tests done on the website will show. The users will feel the slow page loading when the traffic is very high. Another issue is a single client on shared resources might cause the server to go down and affect the other sites, so it should not be used for severe or mission-critical business hosting. So, what can you do in this case? Choose a dedicated server.

Let us look at what dedicated hosting means. Dedicated hosting means hosting your websites and webpages on a single server. This dedicated server offers multiple benefits, which boost speed, network security, and overall user experience. With the utilization of a dedicated server, your customers can experience faster loading and gain a better experience. The efficient way to stay connected with your customers is that ”If you serve them well, they will return again and again.’ ‘ Cloud server hosting will increase Group Collaboration. Here are ten reasons why organizations should adapt fast dedicated servers.

#1- Reliability And Performance:

A dedicated server provides your business with reliability and with performance. Server crashes are less likely to occur even in high-traffic situations. You will get the desired bandwidth that is required. The speed and the performance are given in the dedicated server options. The dedicated server provides an ideal consumer experience. A dedicated server hosting offers full admin access with 100% security assurance. The firewall protection safeguards your dedicated server from any unwanted intrusions. Cloud hosting providers open up the possibility for your infrastructure to encompass multiple servers to provide extra capacity.Visit our Dedicated Server Support Services page..

#2- Security:

Multiple access permissions may lead to security breaches. With the help of a dedicated server, you can limit the access permissions only to your organization. The server comes along with the security monitoring and firewalls. This means that you will be given more security against malware, virus attacks, and hacks. The network will be under observation 24/7. Strict control access secure firewalls will be there to make sure that you focus on your business. The dedicated server prevents your organizations from service attacks by data separation. This brings you a higher level of security to your business information and your customers.

#3- Hassle-Free Maintenance:

Cloud hosting solutions make applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. With a dedicated server, you will get nonstop support services that help maintain and protect your server against any issues. You and your IT team do not need to perform and execute different server maintenance tasks that include server updates. Instead, you can utilize your time and energy to perform the essential core tasks that help in the growth of your organization.

#4- Customization:

With the shared hosting plan, you will limit yourself to a specific limit and can’t play around with the capabilities of your site because that can consume a lot of bandwidth shared among different hosts. A dedicated server hosting will be a significant benefit for you. The benefits majorly include customization choice as per your business needs. A dedicated server gives us the flexibility to implement any Product or software and choose the framework, i.e., from a wide range of windows and Linux required for your business. Using a cloud service provider is a helpful way to access computing services.

#5- Privacy:

You can go a long way with dedicated servers by developing a more robust security system. A good web hosting organization with a managed cloud solution will provide you with the utmost privacy assurance. Many hosting organizations practice a lot of significant ways to keep your business data secure. Still, no software protection can compete with physical segregation of the information/data, and dedicated servers will strategically do that.

#6- Cost-Effectiveness

If you don’t have the financial plan o hose the server in-house or have the devices needed for colocation, you can rent the server in a highly affordable cost. You can also save money and increase your overall ROI by staying away from upfront expenses on costly equipment. While cloud and shared servers may be less expensive, a dedicated server will offer much more in the way of resources and the number of clients you can serve without running into issues.

#7- Customer engagement:

VPS window servers are an easy-to-use, high-performance, low-cost cloud infrastructure. With the fast speed, you may benefit from other advertising offers offered by Google among numerous other search engines. On top of that, there is a sure way that you will want to modify your site so your customers can quickly pay for the goods on your site, subscribe to your newsletters, or provide that feedback to your post.

#8- Google ranking:

Nowadays, speed is a significant factor that search engines like Google consider when ranking websites. A few free tools, such as WebPageTest.org, allow you to test your website’s speed. These resources can likewise help you pinpoint slow-downs or other speed issues that could negatively affect your SEO. Individual page load times are also considered by Google when ranking for specific keywords. This refers to how long it takes for a web page to load after a user clicks on the link. Google offers a free tool called PageSpeed to help you determine where your site remains in terms of page-loading times. A cloud service provider is a third-party server company that provides a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage services, usually for a fee.

#9- SEO:

With a dedicated server that can guarantee you the maximum speed, you might wind up with higher SEO ranks on Google among many search engine optimizations. Remember that Google has consistently rewarded some of the top most performing user-friendly websites. As Google will want to promote itself and fight with other search engines, you will be rewarded by pulling your content higher on search engines, and you will genuinely get a higher traffic rate. With the cloud VPS window, you can deploy faster & scale easier with an application server that saves your team time & money.

#10- Reduce bounce rate:

Long loading times will drive people away from your site. Maximum visitors expect websites to load in two seconds or less, and each second you add to that mix significantly increases the chances they’ll bolt even after your web page finishes loading.The help of the fast dedicated server will help you reduce the bounce rate and helps to stay for a longer time. A hybrid hosting solution is a type of Internet hosting that combines a physically-hosted server with virtualization technology.

How does fast dedicated server help in customer engagement and search engine ranking.

A fast dedicated server helps customize your website so that your customers can quickly pay for the goods on your website, subscribe to your newsletters, or simply give feedback to your post. With a dedicated server that can guarantee you maximum speed, you may end up with higher SEO positions on Google among numerous search engine optimizations. A fast dedicated server helps in the SEO ranking. Remember that Google has consistently rewarded some of the top-performing websites that are user-friendly. As Google will want to promote itself and fight with other search engines, you will be rewarded by pulling your content higher on search engines, and you will get a higher traffic rate. cloud VPS window is a virtual machine you can use as an environment dedicated to your web projects. Here are Visit our dedicated servers services page..


If you face slow page loading, frequent errors coming back on database requests, and pages timing out because of server overload, then switching to a dedicated server is the best decision for your business upbringing and growth. This dedicated server gives better performance and reliability, which gives your clients a better viewing experience. A dedicated server therefore provides you with the most excellent possible level of adaptability, scalability, and improved management of your business and client’s development. So, migrate to a Dedicated Server for your hosting requirements and you will see the benefits very soon.

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