Top 11 reasons to redesign your website
Your website is a key tool to enable your business to reach out to many thousands of potential prospects over the world wide web and it needs to be updated and improved upon on a continuous basis to ensure that you have your best foot forward and your prospects choose your services over the competition.   Here are my Top 11 reasons, which I feel should move you to rework your online presence, if one or more of these reasons apply to your website:  
  • My website is outdated, looks unprofessional and doesn’t have the upmarket feel which I need to project of my company!
  • The products/services which we sell are not updated online and leads to confusion when we meet our clients.
  • My website is not built on W3C web standards.
  • My site is not search engine optimized and doesn’t rank well on the search engines.
  • I need to manage/update my website content on my own through a backend CMS platform.
  • My website is not built using open source tools and applications.
  • My website developer is unable to work on my website and I need to work with another developer.
  • My website is done using Flash and takes ages to load online.
  • My website doesn’t render properly across the current browsers due to issues with the JS/PHP code.
  • My website is not ready to handle online transactions
  • My website code is insecure and vulnerable to XSS issues and SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  If you can come up with additional reasons to redo your web presence, please share them by posting your comment to this post!   
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