Looking for an alternative to cPanel? Webuzo, an India-based control panel that fits perfectly within the Make in India initiative can provide powerful web hosting management tools and services, allowing users to deploy applications, manage databases, and create backups with just one click. Discover the features that make Webuzo stand out from other web hosting control panels and learn how to get started with it.

Let’s suppose you have purchased a  Linux Web Hosting Plan based on Linux CentOS 7 OS you are looking for a Control Panel that is cost-effective and provides a user-friendly straightforward graphical interface. Well, in that case, we have a perfect solution for you with Webuzo an alternative to Cpanel.

While there are other Control Panel Solutions ( e.g. Cpanel, Plesk ) are widely available but when it comes to the Quality-Price-Ratio, Webuzo is a unique solution as it comes with almost all the Web Hosting features than others but with a much more lucrative price range. With Webuzo a cpanel alternative control panel, you can manage to customise websites and domains, transfer managed files, launch databases, create managed emails and calendars, etc.

Webuzo, a cPanel alternative control panel comes with two platforms: Admin and End-user Panel

Admin Panel provides root-level administrative control over your dedicated server or VPS. It allows a hosting provider to manage customers’ accounts.

Some of the key features of the Webuzo Admin Panel: 

  • Create and modify User Accounts & Domains
  • Create and manage Reseller Accounts
  • Customise service plans with predefined account packages for User Accounts
  • DNS & IP Address Management 
  • Set Server level Web & SMTP Security policies.
  • Schedule & Restore Server Backups
  • Install a variety of applications and modules for your Application Development Support

cpanel alternative

End-User Panel is the end-user dashboard for website owners, for managing individual hosting accounts.

Some of the below features of the Webuzo User-End Panel are: 

  • Publishing Websites
  • File Manager & FTP Management
  • Automatic SSL Support
  • Create & manage Databases 
  • Email administration
  • Application Management

alternative to cpanel

In this article, we will learn how to install Webuzo on CentOS 7 >using the command-line interface.

Server system requirements for Webuzo installation on CentOS 7

cpanel alternative

Before installing the Webuzo control panel, make sure the server does not have any other control panel software installed. Webuzo requires a server without any other pre-installed software.

  • A clean installation of Centos 7. x
  • Processor– Minimum: 1.1 GHz and Recommended: 2 GHz
  • RAM –  Minimum: 1 GB / Recommended: 2 GB
  • Disk Space– Minimum: 5 GB / Recommended: 10 GB
  • Packages installed – yum, apt-get, tar

Firewall setup for Webuzo

If you are using any Cloud Service Platform such as AWS EC2, LightSail, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, or any other server, then the below ports are required by the Webuzo to be whitelisted in the Network firewall.

2002 - Log in to the Webuzo client panel

2003 - Log in to the Webuzo client panel

2004 - Log in to the Webuzo Administrator Panel

2005 - Log in to the Webuzo Administrator Panel

21 - FTP Port

22 - SSH Port

25 - SMTP

53 - DNS

80 - HTTP Port

143 - IMAP

443 - HTTPS Port

465 - SMTPS

993 - IMAPS

3306 - MySQL Port

Run system update on the CentOS 7

To make sure all the existing packages have their latest versions, run the system update command before installing any server software platform.

Set fully qualified hostname on CentOS 7

For proper installation, Webuzo requires an FQDN (fully qualified domain name). Make sure to set the hostname to the domain name that you are planning to use with it.

To check your existing hostname type-

Now, open /etc/hosts file and add the below entry test.diadem.in test

Save and exit the file by pressing Ctrl + O, hitting the Enter Key, and then Ctrl+X to exit.

Reboot the server

Install Webuzo on CentOS 7 Server

Login to the SSH terminal & use the Linux screen utility to create a shell session that will remain active even in case of a network disruption so that you won’t lose a glance at what is happening.

Currently, there are three options available for Webuzo installation.

Option 1: 

Download the below installation script to the home directory to install Webuzo Control Panel along with LAMP Stack, DNS Server & FTP Server.

[root@db ~]# wget -N http://files.webuzo.com/install.sh 

Give execute permission to the script

[root@db ~]# chmod 0755 install.sh 

Run the script

Option 2: 

Run the below installation script to install the Webuzo Control Panel along with LAMP Stack & DNS Server ( LAMP Stack(softname -> lamp) and DNS Server

(softname -> bind)

[root@db ~]# ./install.sh --install=lamp, bind

Note: Softname for LAMP Stack – lamp &  DNS Server – bind.  Softnames for Apps should be comma separated. Get list of softnames for the Apps here : http://api.webuzo.com/apps.php

Option 3:

Run the below installation script to install Webuzo Control Panel without LAMP Stack. After the Webuzo installation apps can be installed from the Apps Category in the Webuzo Panel.

[root@db ~]# ./install.sh --install=none

We are following Option 1 to install Webuzo.

There are at least 4 processes that are carried out during installation, namely:

  1. Installing Libraries and Dependencies
  2. Setting UP WEBUZO
  3. Downloading and Installing Webuzo
  4. Downloading System Apps

After running the installation command, you will see the following screen.

Immediately, the installation will start. If your network speed is slow, it may appear that the installation has stopped, but please allow it to continue. You’ll see something like this after installation finished.

Access Webuzo Panel

To access Webuzo Admin Panel from the browser type http://<server – ip >:2005 & http://<server – ip >:2003 to access the Webuzo End-User Panel.

When you get to the login screen, enter the username as root and root password of the CentOS 7 Server.

Update Your Webuzo License

Go to Home > Settings > Manage License and enter the license key for activation of Webuzo

Configure server date and time

Go to Home > Settings > Server Timezone and set the timezone as per your location

Enable VPS Option

Enable the “Is VPS” option from the webuzo admin panel. Go to Home > Settings > Server Timezone

Create End-User Hosting Accounts

In order to share server resources, you will create a new end-user account with permission to add domains and web applications.

  • Create a hosting plan that is right for the user. Otherwise, Webuzo would dedicate all its resources to the client.
  • Navigate to the “Plans” section from Webuzo’s left panel. From there, select the option to “Add Plan“. Give the new hosting plan a name and allocate server resources to it. Assign a Disk Space Quota (measured in MB) for the total amount of space given to users under that plan.

In addition to Disk Space Quota, you’ll need to assign a maximum amount of inodes, monthly bandwidth, FTP accounts, email accounts, mail account space, MySQL databases, pointed/parked domains, add-on domains and subdomains for the user package.

  • In the Settings section, declare the package home directory and a default theme and language. Next, select any extra features you’d like to activate for the plan, then click “Save Plan“.

  • To create a new end-user account, go to the Users tab on the left pane. From the drop-down options list, choose “Add Users“.
  • Enter a new Username, Email, Password, and Domain.
  • Select a panel plan to associate with the user account and Save User.
  • To log in as a new user, either go to List Users in the Users tab or visit your Server IP on port 2003 to access the client control panel.
  • To install web applications with the client user account, go to the Applications section and choose Softaculous from the list of available application scripts.

  • You can add new Databases, request SSL certificates, create email accounts, access logs, and modify your account security with tools like IP Block, Mod Security, Hotlink Protect, and Directory privacy, among others. As a bare minimum, open PHP INI Editor under the configuration section and change PHP values depending on your hosted web application requirements.

Webuzo – is it a viable cPanel alternative?

Congratulations, Webuzo has been successfully installed on a server with CentOS 7.9. Use this control panel to build shared hosting packages on a single server, and set up web applications that can be accessed by several users simultaneously. Webuzo is a viable cPanel alternative that offers many of the same features but with different pricing models.  It offers an intuitive user interface, easy scalability, and support for multiple applications and databases. Overall, the cost of running Webuzo is competitively lower than cPanel, making it an attractive option for users who are looking for a cost-effective solution.

Webuzo Panel –  FAQs

Does Webuzo offer the same services as Cpanel/Plesk?
Webuzo is a control panel that makes it easy to manage web applications and server settings on both Linux VPS hosting It has one-click installation of popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, plus backup and email management features. A great alternative to cPanel/Plesk! Also, check out our related blog on Install Plesk to learn more.
Does Webuzo provide Reseller options?
Yes, Webuzo does provide reseller options. With the Webuzo Reseller Program, you can create and manage multiple hosting accounts under your own brand name, set your own prices and earn profits.
Can I run a WordPress website in Webuzo?
Webuzo allows you to run a WordPress website easily with its control panel. Install and manage applications like WordPress with just a few clicks. Webuzo also offers helpful tools such as automatic updates and backups for your WordPress installation.
Does Webuzo support eCommerce websites?
Yes, Webuzo supports eCommerce websites. It is a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily install and manage various eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and more. If you’re looking for a Web hosting service Kolkata that offers Webuzo as a control panel, you might want to check out our hosting services.
Does Webuzo have a technical support knowledge base if yes then how to access the knowledge base?
Access Webuzo’s technical support knowledge base by going to the website and clicking on the “Support” tab. From there, select “Knowledgebase” and you’ll be able to search for articles related to your query. The knowledge base covers topics such as installation, configuration, troubleshooting and more.
How does Webuzo secure the server from online attacks such as Brute Force Attack?
With Webuzo,your servers are secure – It features a firewall, two-factor authentication, IP blocking, and software updates and our partnership with Equinix Tier IV Datacenter Mumbai adds a layer of security to protect servers from malicious online attacks. Our reliable Web hosting Mumbai services in Mumbai make sure your website stays up and running smoothly.
Is webmin an alternative to cPpanel?
Yes, Webmin is an alternative to cPanel. It provides a free, open-source web-based interface for system administration on Linux, BSD and Unix-like systems.
Why should you explore cpanel alternatives for your e-commerce store ?
Exploring cPanel alternatives for your e-commerce store is essential. Alternatives to cpanel provide tools that make hosting, website integration and management more efficient, secure, and cost-effective for your business. Having a reliable platform can help ensure success and customer satisfaction.
What is the alternative to cPanel?
There are many alternatives to cPanel, including Plesk for web hosting, DirectAdmin, and Webmin. Check out our related blog on how to install cPanel on Ubuntu 20.04 for more information.
Manage your websites and servers with ease using Webuzo


In Conclusion, Diadem Technologies provides a great alternative to Cpanel with its powerful Webuzo platform. It is an easy-to-use and affordable control panel solution that allows customers to fully manage their Dedicated Server India or VPS. With its Admin Panel and End-User Panel, users can easily manage web hosting with ease. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable control panel solution, look no further than Diadem Technologies’ Webuzo platform, you can be assured of quality support and customer service. To learn more about What is Dedicated Server and how it can benefit your business, be sure to check out our blog.