10 Ways a .Club Website Makes You Instantly Recognizable

A lot has been discussed and written about generic top-level domains such as .club, .flowers, etc. One of the most important reasons why people are straying away from conventional TLDs such as .com and .org is, the domain names that they want is never available and is usually already registered by someone else. However, with the advent of newer gTLDs such as .club, many businesses are finding opportunities where they saw a weakness. Now, .club website makes businesses instantly recognizable, and the name gives the user a sense of exclusivity. This is great news for companies and entities that seek to popularize their brand and make it instantly recognizable. For this reason alone, many businesses are opting to have their primary website hosted on a .club extension, or at least using it as a secondary/adjunct website to promote social engagement. The word “club” has an air of exclusive membership, and audiences are drawn to things that provide a sense of exclusivity and specialness. When a company launches a website with a .club extension, it is effectively communicating to its audience that they are special. That makes the website instantly recognizable too. If you don’t already own a .club website, here are 10 ways they make you instantly recognizable.

1. Your domain name is different

One of the most important characteristics of a .club domain name is that it is instantly different from regular .com and .net websites. This gTLD also comes with a meaning, which makes your domain name sound real and to the point, as long as the name you choose for the first portion of your domain name is creative. In a sea of websites, the one that stands out is the one that looks and sounds different.

2. Your domain name sounds exclusive

A .club domain name sounds exclusive, because clubs aren’t open for everyone. It is almost subliminal in nature, because people have always desired to be members of clubs because it is something exclusive. One has to apply for membership, be approved, and only approved members are let inside. This meaning of the word ‘club’ already lends its advantages to a .club domain name. In turn, you yourself become instantly recognizable as an exclusive entity.

3. Your social group now has a web address

If you are tired of running social groups on Facebook or elsewhere, those days of managing pages and engaging audiences are over. All you need is find out where the club domain sales are happening and get yourself one. Once you get yourself a club domain, you can move your social group to your own domain, instead of hosting it on a social platform. It is easier to share a web address than asking people to like or become members of your social networking group.

4. Your target audience feels special

There is secret to being successful as a brand. You have to make your target audience feel special for having used or considered your products and services. The best way to do that is by inviting them to an exclusive club which is not open to everyone. Club domain sales happen all the time, and by grabbing a domain when it’s offered for a great price, you will be able to make your audience feel special in a cost-effective manner.

5. Maintain consistent brand image

It is not easy to maintain a consistent brand image across all your social groups, if you do not own the website yourself. This would mean, you can’t make your Facebook group appear just like you want it to, though they allow customization. A club domain on the other hand, lets you design your own social group, and maintain brand image consistently across your online properties.

6. Less clutter, more recognition

It is becoming increasingly problematic for companies to maintain multiple online groups and engage with different audiences. A better solution is to move most online groups to a domain purchased during club domain sales and focus on your main website, along with your club website.This makes your website instantly recognizable, without you having to spend a lot of time on various social groups and pages.

7. Tap into in-group psychology

It doesn’t require a genius to figure out that people are motivated by in-group mentality. Everyone wants to feel they are accepted and part of an exclusive group that is not open to others. Club website sales help you to purchase a club domain with the help of which you can tap into in-group psychology of people. A club website helps you make people feel they are part of an exclusive group that’s not open to everyone, making you instantly recognizable.

8. Focused marketing and branding

A .club extension is great for your marketing department, because it is easier for them to develop campaigns that are focused and targeted. With a .club extension as its focal point, your branding and marketing teams can work together to launch campaigns that are focused on exclusivity, in-group psychology, and social interaction, all right on your own website.

9. Easy to nurture leads

Most companies often find it difficult to nurture leads, and to bring them all together under a single platform. While most CRMs do a great job in identifying leads, nurturing them on social media can only go so far. Take lead nurturing a step ahead, and invite them to an exclusive content preview at your .club extension website. Nurturing valuable leads and sorting them out becomes a lot easier on a club website than on a social media page.

10. Provide post-sales support

One of the most important groups of audiences is those who have already purchased your products or services. Nurturing your customers post-sales, and providing excellent post-sales support is extremely important to make sure they come back again as customers. Your club website can prove to be the best place to provide post-sales support to your clients and customers. Look for club website sales to get a great deal on .club domains Now that you know it is a great idea to purchase a .club extension because it makes you instantly recognizable, your next step should be to look for club website sales to grab a domain in a cost-effective manner. Next, find a hosting solution that is appropriate for your traffic figures. Finally, make your club website prove its exclusivity by getting it designed by top-notch developers.
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