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Why Diadem Auto Scaling Cloud Is Empowering


Highest Uptime

Uptime 99.99% guranteed
Regular infrastructure backups
Failover infrastructure
Full servers’ isolation


Handles any Load Spike, Saving Budget

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling without downtime
You pay only for actually used resources
Hourly billing


Saves Time and Money

Self service portalsfor developers save ~ 2hours/day
Jelastic automated all DevOps processes, releasing your
resources for more important tasks
pay only for actually used resources



Enterprise-class automation
Enterprise-class features
Enterprise-class flexibility


Ultra Fast

Only SSD’ storage
Apache creation and autoconfiguration takes 40 secs
2x Tomcat7 + 2x MySQ5 + NginX (Load Balancer) creation
take 2 mins 40 secs


Experienced Support

24 x 7 support
Average IT experience is 6 years
Average time to solve 19 minutes



Enterprise grade security with daily incremental backups.


Easy Lifecycle Management

Extendable stack with 50+ services
Text / dev / prod management in 2 clicks
Update application’s version without downtime

Try for 14 Days Free!

Try with ₹2000 Balance

  • No credit card required
  • No hidden charges
  • Full functionality

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You Pay for What You Use

Means 50% cheaper- Check our pricing model video

Why 1500+ clients chosen Diadem Paas Cloud (Powered with Jelastic)

Because it has everything you need by saving Valuable Time and Cost


How Dynamic Pricing Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free during the entire trial period?

Yes, it is absolutely free. In Jelastic you pay only for actually used resources (unlike general VPS hosting where you pay the fixed price even for unused resources).

How can I monitor my charged resources?

You can monitor resource usage for each server via UI. No hidden charges may occur. You will be impressed when you’ll notice how much you overpaid previously with VPS hosting

How can I migrate my application to Jelastic?

Our experts can help you to migrate your apps to the Jelastic PaaS (hoster can create a short guide on how to migrate to Jelastic easily and provide the link to this guide in this answer)

Do you provide any control panel like Plesk, cPanel, etc?

Jelastic offers users a separate dashboard for managing their account. It is the single web interface for creating, provisioning and managing servers. It is much more simple and functional in comparison to other control panels.

Does Jelastic provide support for SSL certificates?

Yes Jelastic provides support for SSL certificates. You can use your custom, self-signed or platform’s SSL certificates.

Is the platform fully managed by you?

We fully manage the platform. You don’t have to worry about security, infrastructure management, software updates, uptime, etc. It is our responsibility to provide you with high-quality service and robust SLA. However, you have full access to config files of your servers via SSH or directly from UI.

How can we automate some processes?

Besides the SSH access, Jelastic also provides its own CLI to automate deployment \ management processes.

Do we have to sign any contracts?

No contracts have to be signed. You can use a 14 days free trial for Jelastic without any commitments.

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