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  • .com₹750
  • .co₹2000
  • .info₹1000
  • .net₹750
Domain Theft Protection

Protect your Domain from any security issues with our included protection services.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Control your domains, configure your email accounts and do much more with our intuitive control panel.

ID Protect

Save your domains from any sort of malware or security concerns with our premium ID Protect service.

Popular TLDs with their Annual Charges
TLD Registration Charges From Transfer Charges From Renewal Charges From
₹1000 ₹1000 ₹1000
₹1500 ₹1500 ₹1500 ₹1000 ₹1000 ₹1000
.cc ₹1500 ₹1500 ₹1500 ₹2500 ₹2500 ₹2500
₹2000 ₹2000 ₹2000
₹1200 ₹1200 ₹1200
.cloud ₹1500 ₹1500 ₹1500
.in ₹1000 ₹1000 ₹1000
₹1000 ₹1000 ₹1000
.io ₹3600 ₹3600 ₹3600
₹1500 ₹1500 ₹1500
₹2500 ₹2500 ₹2500
name ₹750 ₹750 ₹750
₹750 ₹750 ₹750
.org ₹750 ₹750 ₹750
.tv ₹1500 ₹1500 ₹1500
.uk ₹1000 ₹1000 ₹1000
.us ₹1000 ₹1000 ₹1000
.world ₹2300 ₹2300 ₹2300

FAQ Most frequent questions and answers

  • What is a Domain?

    A domain is your unique identity/address on the worldwide web. Just as you have your home address domain is an address on Internet/world wide web. As to reach somebody’s house you need his address same way to reach to any website you need its domain. Thus domain becomes your address on the web. Domain name also allows you to personalize your e-mails.

  • What do you mean by an Accredited registrar?

    An Accredited Registrar means an official registrar who has been appointed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the apex body to control Domain Name Registration worldwide.

  • What is .com, .net & .org?

    “.com”, “.net” and “.org” are called as global top level domains and gives you global presence and image. These are some of the different extensions and you can choose one or any three with the name your register.

  • Why do I need a domain name?

    To promote yourself and/or your business on the World Wide Web, you need a domain name of your own. You can promote your business online with the help of your domain name, thus making it possible for the worldwide web audience to reach your site.

  • How to register a domain?

    It is very simple to register your domains with Diadem, India’s leading domain registration provider. Just check availability of name through our Domains homepage. If the name you want is available, book it straight away on real time basis. You can also take help of our domain wizard to register a name.

  • How long does it take for a Domain to be registered?

    Diadem Technologies registers domains on real time basis if you pay through your credit card or by Paypal. As soon as we receive your payment your name is registered on real time basis and message of confirmation is sent to you simultaneously. You can register names through credit cards or opt for our other multiple payment options for faster registration of your domain.

  • Can I transfer a Domain to your service?

    Yes, you can easily transfer a domain to us without any worries. Contact us for more.

  • How can I buy a domain from Diadem?

    It’s actually very simple. Just search for a Valid Domain and then select your favorite option and pay. And Lo Behold, you get your domain registered.

  • What happens if I don't renew my domain before expiry?

    Yes, you need to do so before expiry or else the name will become available again and any other person will be able to register it.

  • What is the validity period for the domains?

    The minimum validity period for any domain you buy with us is 1 year. You can renew your subscription on a yearly basis.

  • What is domain parking?

    This is a server address you require to submit to register a domain name. We allow our customers to use our name servers to register their domain.

  • What is DNS & Why it is used?

    DNS or Domain Name System is the reason Internet is so simple today. It’s how web servers understand the domain names and map it to it’s respective IP address. To know more , please go through the following

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