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Express Cloud - Application Marketplace

Make the most of your cloud hosting experience with Express Cloud application marketplace! Our platform allows you to deploy applications in a few clicks, no matter what type of project or budget you have. With our PAAS solution, you can easily and quickly create complex web structures and access the latest development tools – all with minimal effort! Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to customize settings and use an array of options for further configuration. Signup for a free 15 days trial and experience the ease of deploying any PAAS from the marketplace in just a few clicks!

Express Cloud Marketplace FAQs

Applications Deployment

Diadem makes it easy for users to manage code repositories with seamless integration with both git and svn. Also, Diadem supports git submodules and automated deployment, enabling users to deploy changes according to a schedule.

You can manually upload applications using the Deployment Manager in your Diadem Dashboard. Supported file formats include zip, war and rar, which can be deployed to existing and new environments.

Yes, connecting to Diadem using FTP/FTPS is possible, however this feature is only available to paid accounts with the Public IP feature enabled.

You can easily access your Diadem Dashboard using Web-based SSH or Putty/Terminal. Once logged in, you gain full control of major service configuration files such as server.xml, php.ini, my.cnf and httpd.conf. all from your browser!

Software Stacks

With Diadem, you can easily build and manage your own infrastructure with just a few clicks. Our state-of-the-art control panel makes it possible for you to create an environment that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

We offer a wide range of Java supported platforms including Tomcat, Jetty, TomEE, Glassfish and WildFly with JDK 6, 7 and 8 as well as Java 10.

We offer support for Apache (mod_php) and Nginx (PHP-FPM) with a range of PHP versions, including 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.

We support a wide range of SQL and NoSQL database servers, including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis, Neo4j and OrientDB.

Yes, With just two clicks, you can easily enable and deploy a fully configurable Nginx load-balancer via the dashboard!

Yes, we offer support for both Memcached (which can be used for application caching and session replication) and Nginx as a reverse proxy server with caching capabilities.

Additional Features

Yes, you can use cron with Diadem. You can easily edit your crontab by using the Diadem Dashboard or connecting via SSH.

You have the ability to edit configuration files for all of your application servers. Our support team is available to offer assistance with tuning these files.

With Diadem, you can add an Elastic VPS to your environment (paid accounts only). This provides a server running CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows, with full root SSH or Administrator RDP access. With this access, you can install and run any software you need. Resource usage is charged in the same way as other Diadem PaaS servers (cloudlets). 

Additionally, there is a connection to Docker Hub that allows for automatic deployment of Dockerized applications. 

However, please note that the Elastic VPS is completely self-managed by you. It is up to you to maintain and secure the server. The concept behind the Diadem PaaS is for users to be free from server administration headaches – so if there are any important features or functions missing, we encourage you to reach out and tell us what’s missing from our offering so that we can consider adding it in the future.

You can use your own SSL certificate with Diadem. We highly recommend taking advantage of our free installation and management service if you choose to purchase an SSL certificate from us. On the other hand, you can buy a certificate from another vendor and install it on our Diadem dashboard. 

To make use of an SSL certificate, you’ll need to enable a public IP address on either your load-balancer or web/application server.

Yes! You can easily share specific environments with your colleagues or a third-party developer, granting them permission to create new environments in your account if desired.