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Express Cloud - Cost Calculator

Dive into the convenience of Express Cloud hosting and make the most out of your budget with our elastic cloud pricing calculator. Our intuitive user interface allows you to come up with an accurate estimation for allocating resources for hosting your web application – including RAM, CPU, persistent storage, etc., in a few simple steps. With our easy-to-use calculator, you’ll be able to get the best performance at an unbeatable price!

Express Cloud Automatic Scaling and Pay-per-Use Pricing

Express Cloud Pricing FAQs

Cloudlets are a powerful and efficient way to increase computing resources for applications. Each cloudlet contains 128MB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU, but multiple cloudlets can be combined to provide even more resources — with each additional cloudlet contributing an additional 128MB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU.
For example, Diadem Express Cloud servers can be assigned 8 cloudlets, which would provide 1GB of RAM and 3.2GHz of CPU. This amount can be adjusted to meet the changing resource needs of your application.

You can easily check your cloudlet usage with the dashboard that is provided alongside your environment. Real-time graphs of CPU, RAM, network, and disk space consumption for each server within your PaaS cloud environment allow you to view your resource consumption in detail. Get ready to be surprised at how little resources are required to run your application efficiently.

Our cloud platform-as-a-service provides high performance, scalability and instant deployment of applications. With just a few clicks, you can select the required runtimes and install different software stacks without worrying about lengthy setup times or technical complexity.

Reserved cloudletsDynamic cloudlets
You can reserve Cloudlets through the Topology Wizard and make payment for your reserved Cloudlet configuration, regardless of how many resources you use. Discounts are also available based on the total number of Reserved Cloudlets per environment.You can get dynamic scaling resources for your application and only pay for what you use. Use the scaling limit feature in the topology wizard to set the maximum number of servers allowed. The discount level is based on the total number of dynamic cloudlets used per environment.
Reserved Cloudlets CostCost per Reserved Cloudlet / MonthCost per Reserved Cloudlet / Discount
16 - 31₹6930%
32 - 63₹6435%
64 - 127₹5940%
128 - 255₹5445%
256 - ∞₹49.550%
Dynamic Cloudlets CosCost per Reserved Cloudlet / MonthCost per Reserved Cloudlet / Discount
16 - 31₹945%
32 - 63₹8910%
64 - 127₹8415%
128 - 255₹7920%
256 - ∞₹7425%

You can optimize your costs and ensure smooth application performance by setting a maximum scaling limit for each server in your environment. Make sure you’re allocating the right number of cloudlets to your application. This way, you’ll be able to avoid spending too much and your application won’t crash due to resource shortages.

Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment.

Disk Space

Disk UsedPrice per GB / Month
First 10GBFree
1GB - ∞₹5

Every hour, the first GB of data transfer is free and you’re only charged for additional traffic usage. The discount level is determined by how much external traffic was used during the previous month. Plus, internal traffic is completely free!


External traffic last monthPrice per GB
1GB - ∞₹5

Good news – all internal data transfer between servers in our Diadem PaaS is totally free! when using your private IP addresses!

External IP

NamePrice Per Month
Public IPv4 (1 - ∞)₹300

Public IP addresses cost Rs 100 per month each. You only need one public IP address per environment, so adding an additional one on your load balancer or web server is optional.

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