Diadem Jelastic FAQs

Can I try it for free?
Are there any restrictions during trial period?
How can I migrate my application to Jelastic?
Do you provide support of Docker / .NET?
What is charged in Jelastic?
What is a cloudlet?
How can I monitor my charged resources?
What is the price for 1 cloudlet?
What is the price for disk usage?
How much does traffic cost?
How much does Public IP cost?
How much resources will my app consume?
How can I deploy my application?
How can I access and edit my servers’ config files?
Do you provide any control panel like Plesk, cPanel, etc?
What software stacks do you support?
How can I automate some processes?
I need a server, that is not present in the list of supported stack. How can I do it with Jelastic?
Does Jelastic provide support of SSL certificates?
I am CEO/PM and want to control my developer’s work. How can I share access with him?
Is the platform fully managed by you?
Do you provide technical support?
Do you perform data backup?
How Jelastic charges my money?
What payment methods do you support?
Do we have to sign any contracts?
How many years are you on the market?
Where are your Datacenters located?