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Diadem Jelastic PAAS – Pricing Details

With Diadem Jelastic PAAS Solution, you pay only what you consume and not the actual allocation! You need to pay for the Cloudlet (RAM + CPU) consumed along with the storage and traffic used for your environment.

  • Cloudlets

    From INR 0.18 / hour

    On  Jelastic Cloud, our unit is the cloudlet: 128 MB of RAM and 400 Mhz of CPU.

    You will pay only what you consume and not what you reserve!

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  • Disk Space

    From INR 0.03 / hour

    Disk Space is unlimited and usage is measured in GB. 

    You only pay for your actual consumption, no need to provision disk space!

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  • Traffic

    From INR 0.65 / GB

    Traffic usage is measured in GB. 

    Internal traffic (within your environment, or between environments) is also Free.

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Estimate Your Jelastic Cloud Cost

Disclaimer: The above pricing estimates may vary as per your actual Jelastic PAAS usage.


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