Hriday Biyani (Founder & CEO)

Hriday discovered the potential of the Internet while still attending college and jumped head-first into the world of 0s and 1s, right after completing his bachelors degree. What followed over the next few years was nothing less than a roller coaster ride to continuously learn, unlearn and work with rapidly evolving technologies and solutions on an almost daily basis which has been an inherent quality of the evolving Internet tools and technologies, even today.

A self taught IT entrepreneur, Hriday believes that continuous innovation, service improvement and being able to deliver solutions which addresses the latent needs of your customer is the key to being ahead in this ever evolving and competitive in any online based business. Aided by a team of driven individuals, Hriday is focused on delivering solutions which fits the needs of SMEs which could either be from our own TIER IV DC facility or from a Public Cloud Provider.

Hriday maintains an active lifestyle and you can either find him up and running early in the morning or at the gym. He also likes to spend time reading biographies of entrepreneurs who have overcome odds and his last read book was by Shoe Dog by Phil Night which is a must read for budding entrepreneurs. He also likes to travel, catch up with friends and family and to further de-stress, he likes to spend time tinkering with the latest gadgets (currently a GoPro) and helping others with some sound techie advise.



Tushar Biyani (Co-Founder & CFO)

Tushar plays a key role in the company and helps ensure that we live up to the high performance and services standards which clients expect from us. A workaholic by choice, he looks after the company’s financial performance, client interaction and strategic marketing efforts.

Tushar is a commerce graduate from amongst India's leading college and has maintained impeccable  professional and ethical standards during his 15 years of work experience.

In his spare time, Tushar spends time with his family and daughter and also brainstorms innovative ideas to spearhead our strategic marketing efforts.