10 Ways PaaS Hosting Can Help Developers Save Money

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Developing applications is no easy task, and in addition to being time-consuming, it also costs quite a lot. As a developer, you would agree that developing an application is not just about coding. It requires you to learn new skills, invest in training, books, and in time. Most importantly, developing applications requires you to purchase access to platforms, and each application may need a different platform, leading to exorbitant costs. There is a better way to reduce your costs, and that is by subscribing to a cloud-based PaaS hosting. Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers its clients a variety of platforms via hosting for developers that can be “plugged and played”, in business-speak. All you need to do is, purchase access to PaaS hosting such as Jelastic PaaS, and begin to develop at your own convenience. In this article, let us take a look at some of the benefits of PaaS and how these advantages of PaaS also help in development cost reduction.

1. Build better applications

With different emerging needs, developers are in a situation where if they do not outperform themselves each time, they stand to lose business. Each lost client translates to loss in revenue, and the only way to stay abreast of technology is by subscribing to a service such as Jeslastic PaaS, which comes with a number of PaaS hosting advantages. PaaS hosting for developers comes with many benefits such as being able to access various development platforms, avoiding unnecessary platform purchases.

2. Reduce expenditure

One of the most important methods to aid in development cost reduction is to invest in a PaaS hosting for developers. Practically everything costs money when one is set to develop an application. Right from investing in proprietary software to cloud storage, and valuable time that is invested, everything costs money. One of the main benefits of PaaS is that it helps reduce expenditure by offering platforms that are not easily accessible. One just needs to pay an upfront fee or a recurring subscription fee to access a plethora of features that are specifically designed for developers.

3. Reduce investment in infrastructure

One of the biggest expenditures is investing in storage, cloud hosting, backup technology, etc. A good hosting solution provides all this along with PaaS, and takes care of many issues that developers often face. However, developers end up spending a lot more on infrastructure such as computer systems, servers, cooling systems, etc. All this is usually taken care of by a good PaaS hosting provider.

4. Reduce development time

PaaS comes with three layers that include the stack, the deployment machinery and the user interface and user experience (UI/UX). Developers use the stack to develop applications and this includes libraries, frameworks, etc that need to be either purchased or installed separately. On a PaaS hosting solution, these can be accessed directly. The deployment machinery makes it easy for developers to deploy scripts from the stack, etc. Last but not the least, a PaaS solution helps developers to develop applications easily using a great UI/UX. This user experience gets translated into the final application too. If a developer had to do all this by himself, he would simply waste time and run into losses.

5. Build and develop more

When you have more time and money to spare, you can use your resources wisely and plan ahead. This means, investing in marketing, attending all the right networking events, and getting new clients. The best part is, PaaS hosting for developers will help you achieve all this quickly and easily. With access to all the stacks you need and making deployment easy with the help of a great UI/UX, you will quickly find yourself bailing more apps at a fraction of cost and time, helping you to build and develop more than you ever did.

6. Get professional support for less

A number of times, developers find themselves quite lost when it comes to maintaining platforms, fixing issues, making backups or even managing infrastructure. Jelastic PaaS an others come with excellent customer service, which hells ups to quickly gain access to professional support and arrive at solutions you need the most. This helps you to complete projects quickly and not make errors that might cause you issues later on.

7. PaaS takes cares of software maintenance

Another of the many advantages of PaaS is that it takes cares of updating platform and associated software. All you need to do is focus on building your application as the libraries and frameworks within a stack are updated and maintained regularly by your vendor. For instance, Jelastic PaaS ensures that all the stacks are updated regularly and that developers have nothing to be distracted except their own work commitments. Consider trying Jelastic free trial to learn more about how this may help you create better applications.

8. Innovate and engage in R&D

One of the most important tasks of any developer is to innovate. Without innovation, there is always a better developer around the corner who can do more innovative things and bring better results. If developers are restrained by platforms and lack of support, they will neither be able to innovate or engage in R&D. All this ultimately increases costs because it I a well known fact that innovation reduces costs. Jelastic free trial helps you get acquainted with how PaaS works and you’ll see for yourself how PaaS helps you innovate.

9. Expand your business

With all the money and time saved, you can expand your business to achieve new heights, Whether it is about hiring junior developers or simply investing in marketing to expand your clientele, PaaS directly and indirectly helps you do that. When you expand your business, you should theoretically be able to reduce your costs as well. This is because, you get to do more with less. Jelastic free trial could be a good stepping stone if you haven’t already tried PaaS hosting for developers

10. Focus on skills you need

At the end of the day, the most important thing for a developer to do is to gain new skills and learn new languages and programs. Subscribing to a PaaS hosting solution helps developers to learn new skills, instead of engaging in repetitive patterns that are time consuming. The Monet that is saved can be invested in new certifications and training programs, all of which lead to more revenue. PaaS hosting solutions are necessary for every developer Whether you are a budding developer or the owner of a large and successful agency, you will need the help of a PaaS hosting solution at some point in your career. PaaS can help you save money both directly and indirectly, and to not utilize it at a time like this is not a wise thing to do.  

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