Protect Your Network With Inbound Email Filtering
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Clean and safe inboxes with additional email continuity
Why Choose Diadem's Advanced Anti-Spam Incoming Filter?
The anti-spam incoming filter protects your clients’ inboxes from spam, viruses, phishing, and harvesting by adding a redundancy layer to your network. Diadem manages the software and monitors all servers and services 24×7 to proactively fix any issues that might occur.
Our Spam Filter uses an advanced proprietary IP-reputation system, combined with multiple message content classifiers. Our incoming email filters have nearly 100% filtering accuracy with a very low false-positive rate.
The incoming anti-spam system adds a failover layer to your infrastructure. If your client’s destination mail server is down, the inbound filter will still accept messages and queue them. They will be automatically redelivered and can also be web-based previewed by clients.
Diadem’s solution helps you save the infrastructure and human resource costs needed to maintain open source solutions.
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How does The Incoming Filter Work?

Diadem’s incoming spam filter is a gateway solution with easy activation via a simple DNS adjustment. Once the MX-records are changed, all inbound email goes to the anti-spam system, where it is filtered and then relayed to the unchanged destination mail servers of your clients. Being virus-free is a matter of minutes with our incoming anti-spam email filter.

Diadem Inbound Email Filter Features

  • Inbound spam, virus, malware filtering
  • Advanced antivirus scanning technology
  • Extensive API for integration & automation
  • Multi-tier GUI
  • White label options
  • Integration with leading control panels
  • Compatible with any mail server (Exchange, Zimbra, Postfix, Exim, qmail, Lotus)
  • Frequent product updates and upgrades
  • Log Search
  • Web-based & IMAP based quarantine
  • IPv6 support
  • PDF / HTML reporting
  • Delivery queue
  • Automatic user detection and LDAP support
  • Advanced filtering statistics and intelligence
  • Extension blocking/management
  • Email size restriction management
  • Sender/Recipient white and blacklists
  • Free domain and email aliasing
  • User and permission management
Inbound Email Filtering Benefits

Safeguards your network from spam, viruses and malicious attachments

  1. Continuously developed proprietary technologies
  2. Unmatched spam intelligence
  3. Direct detection of new spam and virus outbreaks
  4. Scalability and redundancy
  5. Reduced churn through increased user satisfaction

Increases Employee Productivity

  1. Friendly multi-tier web interface
  2. Reduced number of wasteful emails
  3. Enhanced time management

Reduces Infrastructure Load

  1. Reduce load and bandwidth of your current email infrastructure
  2. Turn off your own spam filter and reduce the load on your server
  3. Increase the performance of shared resources

Simplifies Management

  1. Always up-to-date, as new definitions and protection algorithms are added to the system
  2. Fully managed service, freeing your in-house IT resources
  3. Domain-based
  4. User-based

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