Server Sysadmin Services

Server Sysadmin Services

As part of our dedicated hosting services, we provide System Admin services as part of our hosting services to our clients on both the Windows and Linux platforms.

To enable optimum server performance and continuous availability of your hosted applications all dedicated and virtual dedicated servers should be managed by a Server Admin to ensure your servers run smoothly and without any downtime.

Diadem Technologies provides Web Server Administration and Web Server Management Services to our clients on both the Windows and Linux platforms which gives our clients an advantage of outsourcing their online server management needs needs while retaining the flexibility to perform custom server configuration and installation of third party tools from their end.

Following are the primary areas of services which we provide to our clients who opt for our server management services.

Linux Dedicated Server Admin Services

  • Log Monitoring
    Monitoring web, mail and system generated logs periodically to identify unwanted activities or errors.
  • Checking for abnormal activities on the dedicated servers
    We monitor the partitions, unwanted services, and unwanted folders being created by the SMTP or FTP services.
  • Dedicated Web server Settings Backup
    Backup of the webserver configurations periodically
  • Archiving Log files on the dedicated Servers
    Has been set on daily basis, for the last three four days
  • Connection monitoring on the dedicated servers
    Checking the necessary open ports e.g. 21/22/25/80/110 and terminating unwanted ports. Prevention to block attack on known ports and banning the IP from further activity.
  • MySQL monitoring on the managed dedicated servers
    Monitoring the MySql server logs and tracking slow query processing so that we can alert our customers for tuning their queries for better database server performance.
  • Backup of MySQL database and Websites files
    Backup of full server data (MySQL database and Websites files) will be automated on daily basis on a separate Backup server. We take the database backup separately on weekly basis.
  • DNS support
    Configuring and maintaining the DNS server for live websites.
  • Root Kit, Malware detection and prevention
    We regularly scan our server for root kit or malware infection and prevent any such activity to occur in the server.
  • Hosting management control panel installation, upgrades and troubleshooting
    We support Plesk/Cpanel and Webmin as the hosting management control panel and provide support for its installation, upgrade and troubleshooting tasks.

Windows Dedicated Server Admin Services

  • Managed Dedicated Server Monitoring
    Monitoring and event logs of the each server: System/application/Security event logs will be captured and monitored for Windows abnormal activities.
  • Windows updates by the dedicated server manager
    Each server should be installed with the Daily windows updates provided by Microsoft. Systems team will identify the necessary update for the server and pre-test on test environment (i.e. Staging Environment at the production setup) before installing the same on production servers.
  • IIS settings Management and Backups
    Regular backup of the XML file of IIS settings, monitoring for unwanted settings done on IIS
  • Monitoring the server logs
    Application and IIS log file Generation is done on the servers, this will be used to track the Application health and IIS Activities.
  • Connection monitoring on the dedicated server
    Concurrent connections on the IIS – web servers will be monitored on regular intervals. This will be useful to track the user connection track on the servers.
  • SQL connection monitoring
    Monitoring the SQL server connections – this will be monitored under the General Statistics of SQL performance parameters. Alert mechanism will be enabled and will get alert once it reaches the Threshold value.
  • SQL Server monitoring of connections
    SQL is the heart of most dynamic websites built on the .net platform, so this is monitored with its CPU, memory, connections on the DB Server.
  • Backup of SQL and Website content
    Backup of WWW files and SQL will be automated on daily/weekly basis on a separate Backup server / large storage device so that Production servers are not impacted..
  • SMTP /FTP Support
    Systems team will configure the SMTP and FTP services on the server and monitor the same.