Windows 2022 Managed VPS

Uninterrupted and scalable 2016 VPS windows server with SSD storage

Fully-managed Windows VPS hosting in India for your business

TIER IV Datacenter | Windows 2016 VPS Hosting | Scalable Platform

VPS Windows Server Infrastructure

Uptime TIER IV Certified DC

Hosted at India’s only Uptime Certified TIER IV datacenter, our windows VPS hosting comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and uninterrupted service.

Redundant Hardware/Network

Redundant hardware means your data is present with High availability(HA). We are also configured with RAID 10 HDDs preventing downtimes due to disk failures.

Supermicro Hardware

Our Hardware is powered by Supermicro which means no worries regarding infrastructure.

SSD Storage

We are equipped with High Speed SSD Storage which makes Memory access faster than ever.

VPS Windows Server Infrastructure
ASP.NET, ASP, and SQL Server paired with Windows VPS hosting plans

Windows Tech

A Handful of Windows Features

We offer the best features like ASP.NET, ASP, and SQL Server paired with our Windows VPS hosting plans that offer more seamless windows experience.

You choose what you want

You have all the choices while opting for our VPS plans. We offer both Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 16 to our customers.

SQL Servers

Get Databases that are best

We offer MSSQL for our databases that help to keep and manage your data efficiently and without any unwanted complications.

MSSQL- The favourite option

We provide MSSQL Server Express with multiple editions like 2012, 2014 and 2017 for industry-leading performance and secured RDBMS solution.

MSSQL Server Express with multiple editions like 2012, 2014 and 2017
Windows VPS server to have control over everything and can monitor it remotely from anywhere

Windows VPS Server Management

RDP Admin access

With RDP you get administrative access all around your Windows VPS server to have control over everything and can monitor it remotely from anywhere.

Plesk Panel

You have an option of even getting a Plesk Panel which would integrate everything and make management easier for you.


Firewall Protection

We give you the best firewall protection with hardened security so that your servers remain secure and safe to use.

Windows VPS Server Monitoring

Our windows VPS hosting solution comes with 24×7 monitoring of the online availability of VPS server with its storage, CPU, and RAM utilization, IP reputation checks, and daily antivirus, and antimalware scanning.

best firewall protection with hardened security
regular backup of your data over VPS


Regular Backups

We offer weekly backups to save all your settings and important data. So if needed, you can always restore to a previously-saved state with just a click and start again.


Quality Support

We understand your urgency to meet any confusion regarding our Windows 2016 VPS hosting . We are always ready to help you out at any step.

Guidance that matters

Our able support staff will guide you in any installation or deployment matters so that you live a worry-free life.

support staff will guide you in any installation or deployment
Free SSL Certificate,Automated Windows VPS Server Backups,24x7 Support and VM Monitoring,Daily Malware Checks

Value Added Services

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates keep your site secure and improve your site’s SEO ranking to provide your customers with encrypted security and authentication.

Automated Windows VPS Server Backups

Automated weekly backups means no worry of losing your data anytime. With Backups you can work freely without any worries

24x7 Support and VM Monitoring

Our responsive support team are always ready you to provide with every help you can at every step.

Daily Malware Checks

We check the Windows VPS server instance for malware and other unwanted entities daily to keep it safe for your work.

Sachin Gopal
Amazing Service and Customer
ITTIAM, Sr Mgr IT & ISsupport
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Diadem Customer’s first approach is one of the reasons for us to have them as our preferred vendor for our hosting and other needs. With zero downtime and quick support on call and email, I would recommend them any day.
End-to-End solution provider for all your hosting needs Nexgen Technologies, Proprietor
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Have been associated with Diadem since last 7-8 years and have found their services at par with the global competitors. Very much happy with the support team. Also have been able to provide cost effective solutions, be it, VPS requirements, shared hosting or dedicated servers.
Ranjan Goenka
Indeed a dependable Partner
PDS Infotech Pvt Ltd,
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Getting the right infra partner for one’s Cloud applications is always a challenge. Yes, we were fortunate to discover Diadem – and indeed we have come a long way together. Looking forward to expanding our association with you. Keep it up !!

Most frequent questions and answers

We enable the inbuilt firewall with the OS and we also have a perimeter hardware firewall for enhanced security. We can also extend VPN support for your VPS for additional security.

All VPS servers are preconfigured with agentless backup, which is taken thrice each week and retained for two weeks.

Yes, L1 and L2 support for managing, monitoring and troubleshooting hardware, network, OS and performance issues is included. For advanced management, we can provide you with a custom managed solution.

On demand upgrade of our VPS plans is currently under development. We can however upgrade resources within minutes of your request.

Yes. We provide managed DRaaS which can replicate your server to a different geographical zone for business continuity and DR services. Please get in touch with our sales team for more details.

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