Windows Server Hosting in India

Windows Shared Hosting with MSSQL Server
Get all your favourite windows hosts file features for your Business.

  • Windows Server 2016 Website Hosting with Plesk Obsidian
  • Latest MSSQL Server and IIS support
  • SSD powered servers with low latency network

Windows Server 2016 Website Hosting

TIER IV Datacenter | Daily Backups | Plesk Obsidian | Free SSL

Enterprise Class


(TIER IV IDC Best Windows Hosting in India)

Per Month 199
Per Month 399
Per Month 799
Web Hosting Space
POP/IMAP Email accounts
ASP.NET Support
MySQL/MSSQL Database (200 MB/DB)
Multi Domain Hosting
Monthly Data Transfer
Email Features
Max Quota/ Mailbox
Mail Autoresponders/Aliases
Email Forwarding and Mail Groups
Catchall Email id
Webmail Access
Web Server Inclusions
Plesk Obsidian
IIS server
ASP.NET Support
Dedicated IIS Application Pool
Site Preview URL
DNS Management Console
IPv6 Ready
Domain Aliases
Multi Domain Hosting
Custom Error pages
Scheduler Management
SSL Support

Database Features
MSSQL Servers (200 MB/DB)
DB Mail
SQL Jobs
Full Text Indexing
Web Based DB Management Panel
Database Backups/Restore
Daily DB Backups
Hosting Panel Features
Application Vault
Subdomain Support
Domain Aliases
Password Protected Folders

Hotlink Protection
Usage Reports
Website Usage Analytics
Server Space Usage Reports
Monthy Bandwidth Usage Reports
Usage Alert Notifications
Supermicro Servers
Weekly Server Backups & SAN Storage

Intel Enterprise Grade SSD Storage
Hardware RAID Enabled
Dual CPU Intel E5 2620 CPUs
Windows 2016 server OS
Uptime Certified Tier IV Datacenter
Technical Support
24×7 Server Monitoring
Dedicated Tech Support
Telephone,Email and Remote Support
Online Knowledge Base + Customer Portal
Monthly Charges (Annually Payable)
Per Month 199
Per Month 399
Per Month 799

Top notch Infra

Uptime TIER IV Certified DC

We host our Windows Web Hosting servers at India’s only Uptime Certified TIER IV datacenter with 99.9% uptime SLA to provide uninterrupted service for your mission-critical apps.

Enterprise SSD Storage

With SSD storage you can access your upto 10x faster and your websites and applications will load without any I/O bottlenecks.

The power to simplify WebOps

Windows Web Hosting Automation and Security with Plesk

With various authentication methods, anti-spam and anti-virus support, automatic updating tools, and vulnerability monitors, your website runs reliably with Plesk.

Developer Support

Developers will get a ready-to-code environment with PHP, Javascript, Perl, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, .NET, and Node.js support. Plesk provides full support for PHP scripting language and for multiple PHP versions.

Microsoft SQL Server

Get Databases that are best

We offer MySQL/MSSQL options with Windows Hosting for our databases that help to manage your data efficiently without any unwanted complications.

MS SQL Server – Enterprise Class Database Engine

We provide MSSQL Server Support for 2014 and 2017 Editions. With MSSQL you get Industry Leading performance and highly secured Database management service.

Iron Clad Security

Antivirus and Antispam protection

Our Antivirus protection services keep your website secured to intrusions. Antispam feature ensures your windows hosts file and email ids remain spam free.

Network Security

We defend against brute force and DDOS attacks with Fail2ban, Rootkit Detection,DDOS Protection, Firewall Managers and many more tools on a real time basis.

Business Email Hosting

Secure Email Accounts with Windows Shared Hosting

Our mail accounts have POP/IMAP support to make your emails secure and Roundcube, Horde ensure your mails are in sync with all devices. Each mailbox comes with ample storage space with inbuilt antispam and antivirus protection.

Managed Support for Windows Hosting

Quality Support

We understand the need of help in times of confusion. Our team is always ready to answer your questions or help you out at any step.

Guidance that matters

Our prompt support staff will guide you in deployment of our Windows Server Hosting service so that you conduct your work seamlessly.

Included Services

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certficates keep your site secure and improves your site’s SEO ranking and Trust providing your customers with encrypted security and Authentication.

Full Windows Hosting Server Backups

Our fully automated Windows Shared Hosting server backups ensure that you do not lose out on critical data during any emergency.

24X7 Windows Hosting Server monitoring

Being the best windows hosting service provider, we monitor the online availability of your server 24×7 along with its storage, CPU and RAM utilization, IP reputation check and run a weekly antivirus and antimalware scan.

FAQ Most frequent questions and answers

  • What is Windows Shared Hosting ?

    Windows Shared hosting hosts your instance on a shared server with Windows as the operating system. The Windows server web hosting environment supports many major web programming languages and databases such as ASP, .net, MS SQL, PHP and MySQL.

  • What are the advantages of Windows Shared hosting?

    With Diadem’s Windows shared hosting, all your favourite windows features can be enjoyed with your hosting service. You get so many advantages and a bunch of free add-ons as well. Contact us for more.

  • Why is Windows hosting more expensive than Linux?

    Unlike Linux OS, Windows is a commercial OS and the underlying MS SQL server used for hosting is also a commercial solution. WIndows OS typically is less efficient and also requires more server resources as well so it all increases the cost of Windows hosting.

  • Why are backups important for my hosted data?

    Backups help us by saving our precious data in a secured location. We will restore all website data from the nearest available recovery point of our Disaster Recovery Backup set in case of any data loss situation.

  • How well protected are the hosting servers?

    We have multiple layers of security from within the OS, at the network level alongwith regular backups which ensure that we guarantee 99.5% uptime and security of your vital data.

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