TIER IV Uptime Certified DC Network

Your world class business deserves to be hosted at India’s premium and most connected datacenter network.

Diadem Technologies has co-located its network at GPX Mumbai which is South Asia’s first Uptime Certified TIER IV Datacenter offering and an Uptime guarantee of 99.999% in its SLA.

Detailed Facility Specifications

TIER IV Datacenter

Our datacenter facility is the first to offer an Uptime Institute TIER IV Certified Data Centre in Mumbai. Other data center providers in India are either self-certified or certified by autonomous bodies that stipulate minimum requirements unlike Uptime’s stringent specifications, i.e. they may not provide you 99.999% uptime assurance.

Telco Access

All Tier1 Telecommunication Service Providers interconnect to GPX via two physically diverse fiber routes and central offices / POP’s. As of Q2 2019, over 145 ISP Networks are physically connected with our Data Center, making it one of the most connected and carrier-neutral Data Centers in India.

Security & Access

For security and access, there are multiple physical identification checks, cards, pin code and biometric access control to the Data Center and colocation areas. Digital surveillance with a minimum of 90 days of continuous recording and 24x7x365 security personnel patrols are mandatory.


The GPX Data Centre is designed to provide a robust infrastructure with multiple redundancies and no single point of failure. This ensures the highest level of uptime availability to our customers. The electrical systems are fault-tolerant and maintainable with 99.999% SLA.

Cooling System

Uptime Certified TierIV Fault Tolerant, concurrently maintainable mechanical systems (chillers, water supply, pumps, valves, and piping).

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Fire Protection

Our fire protection is by the VESDA System for multiple layers of fire and smoke detection, NOVEC gas fire suppression system with motorized Smoke Fire Dampers, and 2 hours fire-rated internal walls with fire-stopping material at all service utility entry points.

Building Controls

DCO engineers monitor all aspects of the facilities infrastructure both locally and remotely, including: Cooling System, Power System, Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting through a comprehensive BMS system.


State of the art CRAH units and controls which provides precision-controlled temperature and humidity for all colocation space