Create custom registration fields using Drupal

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In Drupal websites, the login and registration is already integrated by default. But in one of our sites, our requirement is to add some custom fields in the drupal registration form. E.g., Full name, address, state, postcode, etc. To fulfill our requirement we will use profile module. Once, the profile module is installed and enabled you can add custom fields from administrative menu/user management/profile as shown in figure below :
Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Firstly, you will have to choose the field type from the list like text field, multi text field, checkbox etc. Secondly, give a category name to make a group of your custom fields. E.g., If you are giving “category name”=Contact Information to the fields then those fields will become a group and show under Contact Information tab. Finally, Give the title of the field and a machine-readable name. Check this option “Visible in user registration form” from the form. If this option is not checked then this field will not show in the user registration form. If you want to validate the field then check the option ” The user must enter a value “.  Click Add field button to save the field. In our example, we have added some custom fields like registration type, full name, firm, etc. as shown in the figure below.
Registration form

Custom Drupal Registration form


7 responses to “Create custom registration fields using Drupal”

  1. Raj says:

    Hey Realy thanks this helped to know which module gives me the customized fields to add on in the registration form.

    Again ,

  2. Raj says:

    Hey Hriday,

    Can you please help me out in creating custom registration form from the scratch as i need to build three field form in my own module i know only basics things to create .info file and .module file in module file v write functions in that i need to write three field form and i want to store in database and send the mail as well,

    if you please help me out by solving this issue by showing step by step procedure i will be really very thankful to you!!!!


  3. Anshuman says:

    thanks guys.. i juzz wanna know 1 thing how can I make field for uploading file and multi-checkbox thin this Profile Registration form

    please help me..

  4. Navanee says:


    I need to add a field with radio button option. How can I give radio button option in user registration form using profile module. Can anyone?

  5. Hagit says:

    thank you very much for this helpfull article..

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