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After much procrastination, we have decided to take the leap and go ahead with revamping our primary website (www.diadem.co.in) with the following objectives in mind:
  • Revamp our key service sections and make it relevant to our current offerings (VPS, Value Added Hosting and Dedicated Servers).
  • Upgrade the CMS platform which is being used for the site backend to its current version.
  • Keep the UI of the site simpler with less graphics and color and a greater focus on providing relevant content to our users.
  • Enhanced navigation menu and other small tweaks across the site
Here is a preview of the last approved wireframe and we are aiming for a soft launch of our site by the end of July 2010.
Wireframe of the new Diadem Tech Homepage

Wireframe of the new Diadem Tech Homepage

This is going to be the fifth major revision of our site over the past decade and improving a large website like ours with just a couple of developers requires considerable planning, persistence and numerous obstacles to overcome before you can reap in its benefits. I am hopeful that the upcoming version would last us for atleast a couple of years before we rework it again and I will keep posting more updates as we make progress. [ratings]

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