Lost in a Sea of TLDs? Consider a .SUCKS Domain Name

diadem_d36a_fbpost_2 Some domains are pretty straightforward. Take “.Style”, which could be used for e-commerce shops or fashion blogs, or “.Fitness”, which may appeal to personal trainers, athletic wear companies or gyms. While there are ways to get creative with these domains, they easily fall under umbrella categories, making it simple for registrars to categorize and market them. But what about .SUCKS? With domain categories ranging from “Vintage” (.Com, .Net, .Info) to “Green” (.Garden, .Flowers, .Earth), where does .SUCKS fit in? The answer is nowhere—or everywhere. .SUCKS can be used creatively for marketing campaigns, reputation management and digital strategies across industries. A .SUCKS domain is an attractive choice for anyone wanting to stand out online—but that doesn’t mean brands will actually know how to use one. Here are some good places to start.

1. Feedback:

Forum Criticism will always exist, especially online. A .SUCKS domain can act as a valuable owned channel where people can provide constructive feedback. Take airlines, which typically receive a lot of heat for their poor customer service. AmericanAirlines.Sucks could lead to a web survey that asks customers about their experience and allows American Airlines to respond to their feedback directly. Making customers feel like they’re heard can go a long way towards repairing negative impressions, and their input can inform larger improvements moving forward. Mishaps happen, but companies can stay one step ahead by creating a centralized place to gather and respond to reviews. A .SUCKS domain is the perfect place to mitigate reputation damage and avoid the brutality of Facebook’s comment section. Hey, even Apple thinks so—just try typing Apple.Sucks into your browser ;).

2. Brand Play

A .SUCKS domain lends itself perfectly to quirky brand play for marketing and advertising teams looking to get creative with their next campaign. A .SUCKS domain can help companies find funny and relatable ways to let their customers know that they have solutions to life’s (sucky) problems. For instance, a gum, toothpaste or mouthwash company could build a unique campaign with BadBreath.Sucks, or a car company targeting millennials could snag PublicTransit.Sucks. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes, a .SUCKS domain may align so perfectly with a product or solution that it inspires the company name (see: ThisMeeting.Sucks, the workplace app that helps employees give anonymous feedback to workplaces guilty of snoozer meetings). A little personality never hurt. Brands looking for a new marketing angle may find success getting cheeky and bold with their copy. After all, BoringMarketing.Sucks.

3. Strategic Campaign

.SUCKS domains are ideal for strategic campaigns—particularly those that are calling out negative or unpleasant aspects of a given industry. A .SUCKS tells it like it is, rather than trying to spin a negative into a positive, which can be a refreshing approach. Say, for instance, you’re a wireless retailer trying to promote a new phone package that has no roaming fees.PayingRoamingFees.Sucks or MyPhoneBill.Sucks could direct customers to this promotion. TraditionalAdvertising.Sucks. A .SUCKS domain forces people to think outside the box as they champion their cause.

4. Reputation Management

It’s not right for competitors, disgruntled ex-employees or online trolls to drag a business through the mud—but that doesn’t mean companies should sit back and let them. Brands should identify their weak spots and prevent reputation damage before it happens—which sometimes means sitting on a potentially damaging domain in order to keep it out of the wrong hands. Uber actually had the right idea (for once)—not only do they own Uber.Sucks, they also own UberSucks.Com. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Brands need to take care of their reputation and snatch up the domains that can’t be trusted out in the wild; after all, HavingaBadRep.Sucks. A .SUCKS domain can help brands reach their audience and push their cause. While .SUCKS may not be the most obvious TLD choice, it may just be the most effective one. Not only are .SUCKS domains memorable, but they send a clear message—that companies are willing to do what it takes to listen to their customers and make their own voice heard. A .SUCKS domain is the best way to start the conversation you want to be having online. Start the endeavor you want to see online. Register a .SUCKS domain today.
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