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Myths & Facts About Cloud Storage and Backup (Infographic)

In our previous blogs, we discussed a few myths around Cloud Computing which in a way restrict businesses to adopt Cloud. Moving forward we would now like to talk about Cloud Storage and Backup. This is another segment of Cloud Services where there is a lot of confusion and unclear information provided by the cloud providers. Generally, businesses perceive that when opting for Cloud Services, backups and disaster recovery are included in their plan by default. Whereas this is not the scenario always. A number of Cloud providers do not include backup as a part of their basic Cloud Services. This means that if a client is looking for a Cloud Service with backup they need to separately ask their Cloud Provider about it and pay a separate fee for it. Also, in the case of Business Disaster Recovery, it is advisable to keep secondary copies of your data at some other location. To know more of such myths which revolve around Cloud Storage and Backup go through our infographic below.   Cloud Backup and Storage - Infographic
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