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Its been a while since we last updated our blog as we had been busy with some extensive repair and renovation work which we undertook within our office over the past month. Its been nearly a decade since we started our operations at the current premise and though we had undertaken some routine maintenance work every couple of hours, we felt the time was right to go in for a serious overhaul and roll up our sleeves. Starting with a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, window blinds, carpentry and masonry work, we went on an overdrive to get everything completed before the New Year. Fortunately, the work progressed as planned and on Jan 01, 2010 we shifted back to our ‘Office 2.0’. We are all extremely pleased with the results of our efforts and here are some pics of our revamped office for our clients and associates whom we may not have the good fortune to meet on a one to one basis.

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Here are some takeaways which I gathered from this assignment:

  • Meet all the people who would work on this project (multiple times in advance) to ensure that they provide you with fixed quotes for the work and the scope of work has been agreed upon.
  • Keep a buffer of atleast 25% for time and cost overruns as some amount of scope creep is inevitable.
  • Ensure that all materials are bought in your presence (or someone you trust) to ensure that you get the right quality at a reasonable price.
  • Avoid contracting work to promoters as they tend to over inflate the cost by about 50% in comparison to working with individual specialists (carpenters, painters, etc.).
  • Create a project schedule (who will work on what and when) a week in advance and try to build in some amount of buffer between them. Create sub-tasks within a major task to break down all activities into small, unique tasks.
  • Pay on completion of agreed milestones.
My best wishes to you for a successful 2010 and at Diadem Tech we are excited with the opportunities and challenges which the New Year brings to us! [ratings]

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