Welcome to our web log and we hope we can do justice to this endeavor. Setting up a blog is probably the easiest thing you could do online; download and install wordpress, get a free theme online and bingo, your blog is online. However, it will take tons of effort and discipline to ensure that we keep posting new and relevant posts on a regular basis. I am sure feedback from our visitors will keep us motivated to make this a regular affair for us.

So what will this blog talk about? Though I don’t have a firm plan in place, it will more about you than us. It will be more about helping our fellow webmasters, web developers and our clients in helping them resolve issues in certain areas, which we believe we are good at. In the process, we hope to also improve our knowledge and capabilities and hopefully become a resource for the web community, worldwide.

Sure, not every post would be accurate or meaningful enough but we hope to learn and improve.  Just as Lao-tzu, the Chinese philosopher had once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, here is our first step in this journey of online blogging, which we hope is an eventful one.