Overview of ENOM and RClub domain registrar control panels
Some of our clients need help in using the domain control panel provided with the domain they register with us. So I thought it would be beneficial for them if a step by step guideline is their which makes things simpler to understand and help them do the required settings themselves. I will explain for two of the Domain registrars namely “ENOM” and “Directi”.

Directi/ResellerClub domain control panel overview

  1. Login to the directi domain control panel provided by the domain registrar. Enter the domain name and select “Domain registration Service” and click the “Go” button. The home screen should appear as below:
  2. If you want to use the DNS service of the registrar then you have to modify the Name servers to the one provided by your registrar. On order to change this click on the “DNS” tab and select “Activate DNS” and then “Autoupdate Nameservers”. This will set the Name servers for the domain to the Default.  
  3. But if you want to set the Name servers to some different then select the “Name Servers” link and change to the desired one.
  4. Now click on “Manage DNS” to start adding records in the DNS.
  5. Now you can add different records on the window that opened. For example if you want to add a MX record then click on the “MX Records button” and then click “Add Mx record”.
  6. Similarly you have various other tabs like “A Records”,“CNAME Records”, “TXT Records” , “SRV Records” etc that you can set. Below are some screenshots to explain how those are edited.
  7. If you want to set a “Domain forwarding” which will help you to redirect your website to a separate website you have to click on the “Domain Forwarding” in the home page and click “Activate Domain Forwarding” which in turn would ask to “Autoupdate nameservers” if not done in step 3 or else go the “Domain Forwarding” settings window.

ENOM domain control panel Overview

  1. Login to the ENOM domain access control panel.
  2. To change the DNS click “Edit” under “DNS Information” section. You can set you own Name servers or use the default Name servers provided by your registrar.In order to use the default Name servers select the “Default” radio button and click “Save”.
  3. To enter the different records click “Edit” under “Host Records”.
  4. The different types of records like “A record”, “CNAME Record”, “TXT Record” , Domain forwarding/URL redirection are shown below.
  5. To add SRV record go to the “SRV Host Records” and click “Edit” and then “Add New”. After adding the record click save.
  6. To set Mail server settings go to the “Email Settings” section and click edit. Select service as “User(MX Record)” and enter the value and save.
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