How To Use Cloud Computing for Startup’s Growth?

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Cloud Computing has emerged as a new trend in the IT Industry and Startups has been one of the main beneficiaries of it. Startups with high growth prospects have limited resources in hand. Here we highlight how to use Cloud Computing can enable Startups to store their data, host their website or develop their applications. Not only is the cost of setting up physical dedicated resources is high but the developing the software needed to run them are expensive too. Cloud, on the other hand, works on the concept of “Pay for what you use”. There are no upfront charges or installation fees attached to Cloud Computing attracting Startups, especially during their early days. When talking about startups one thing that pops into our head is flexibility. They need the flexibility to expand or contract as per their needs and what’s better than cloud computing? The concept of Cloud Computing has been great for startups reason being its flexibility to scale in the long run as and when you need. For e.g., if you are tech-startup and you are developing a number of applications parallelly you could always consider using Jelastic PAAS, a cloud hosting platform specially designed for developers to deploy various applications in minutes. This Cloud platform can be of great help for the developers as they can save resources as they need to pay as per their usage. Looking at the broader picture, in this blog, we will discuss a few features of the Cloud and how it aligns with Startup’s basic goals and objectives.

Scalability and Customization

Startup Features - Scability

Startups have high growth prospects. Scaling up especially in the IT Segment requires a huge amount of the investments as the cost of setting up resources is high. Whereas, Cloud computing provides an opportunity to the startup owners to fulfill this increasing demand with least investment and resources. The cloud hosts often provide on-demand services according to your startup’s relevant industry. In fact, these services can be upgraded anytime later to meet the requirements of a startup.

Accessibility and availability

Startup Features - Accessibility & Reliability

A growing business demands 24*7 customer service. What can you do if your customer needs an urgent help in an odd hour? Your employees cannot carry all the data with them every time they leave office. Hence Cloud storage system and Cloud hosting come into the picture. Also, people working in different departments can share resource over the internet.

Savings and cost-effectiveness

Startup Features - Savings Cost cutting is one major challenge you can face in your initial days of startups. Although we know that startups don’t run on huge bucks Cloud will help you save your pocket in every way. Savings and cost-effectiveness are other benefits which you can achieve with cloud technology giving you better ROI. When startup entrepreneurs build a website, install hardware, physical storage devices, and purchase expensive software, they spend a lot of money. This cost can be reduced with a cloud server. With cloud computing, you only pay for what you use.

Security and reliability for Cloud Computing

Startup Features -Security There has been a lot of controversies regarding cloud security but it has been proved that cloud provides a better storage and security. Storage devices can break down due to malfunctions and system glitches, and chances are once this happens, you won’t be able to retrieve any information. Nothing is 100% reliable and cloud can also fail on that basis, but you can easily get your backups revived from your host. 

Easy integration for Cloud Computing

Startup Features- Integration Startups often reject Cloud Computing when they think about losing information while integrating with the cloud platform. This is an old myth. Many business owners sometimes believe this myth and make this a reason for not migrating to cloud.  It is easy to extract information from SaaS platforms and shift legacy data to the cloud system.

Collaborative working

Startup Features- Collaborative Working There comes a point when group work and group project becomes important for your growing business. You need to strike a balance between the onshore and offshore team. You might include content writers, marketers, and other such employees, who have minimal storage requirements, everything is simple to manage. They might have minimal storage requirements but requires a collaborative effort to put on. Cloud not only solves data sharing issues but also it gives you a secure platform. Cloud sharing is more secure from outside attacks than email conversations and other such methods.

Cloud Computing and Increased Mobility

Startup Features - Mobility New startups require long hours of work with no fixed working hours. This involves checking mail and accessing it outside your office even on weekends. If you can do that and access your work from a mobile platform as well then it can be a boon to your new business. This is because mobile solutions make it a lot easier for startups to work. Hence cloud can bring a mobility to your startup business.

Strong business foundation

Startup Features - Business Foundation Cloud gives you Continuous functioning and uninterrupted workflow. This two are the primary thing or the main ingredients for a startup’s effective working. If on a fine working day a computer crashes and you are unable to recover your data, then you can easily ask your host to provide you the last stored back up data. You should consider yourself lucky if you have backed up all your systems because most startups don’t have enough funds to do that. In the other scenario, where there’s no backup, you lose all your data and your team has to start from square one.

Concluding Remarks:

Adopting cloud computing can be effective for startup companies. With no upfront cost and scalable as per the needs, Cloud seems as a promising option for Startup’s growth. But understanding what your business needs is also important. Connect with us with for a FREE consultation on Cloud Computing for your business or get a 15 Day Trial of our Cloud Platform and explore its features.

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