Cloud Server FAQs

  What are Cloud Servers and Cloud VPS Hosting all about?

Cloud servers are virtualised server operating systems and applications that share physical resources like RAM, CPU and disk space from the underlying physical servers and storage devices.

  • Due to rapidly evolving technology for cloud hosting and virtual servers, cloud servers now provide similar performance and capabilities to that of a physical server but at a significantly lower cost to the client as the server resources are virtualized and shared with multiple clients on the same underlying hardware.
  • All this happens without compromising on the performance, availability or security of the individual cloud VMs since every virtual server is guaranteed resources which are isolated for each virtual environment.

Cloud servers run better than small or mid sized dedicated servers of similar configuration

  • This happens because of larger and more efficient CPUs, disk drives and enhanced networking capabilities put in place by a genuine cloud hosting provider to host client virtual servers.
  • Due to higher server density, such hardware can host multiple virtual hosting environments more effectively then a single low powered server.

A cloud server is also interchangeably referred to as a virtual server or cloud VPS.

  • The difference between a VPS and a cloud server is essentially of the data residing on a cloud server is redundant across a cluster of physical servers
  • In case any physical server on the cluster goes down, the other servers in the cluster, quickly replicate the VM on another hardware, thereby ensuring high availability of the cloud server by eliminating downtime due to hardware failures.

Other than cost effectiveness, cloud servers come with the added advantage of fast and easy deployment, manageability and quick backup and restore of data and the entire VM as well. All the operations of a physical server (OS reloads, backups, data recovery, etc.) can be done using web based server control panels, like the Parallels cloud server management console, which has a user friendly interface to manage all aspects of your cloud hosting service.

Scalable and elastic computing resources


Another key features of cloud vps hosting is its elasticity and the ease of scaling up

  • Elasticity refers to the ease in scaling up or down of computing environments and server resources in minutes compared to hours in a dedicated hosting environment.
  • With elastic computing the CPU, RAM and Storage resources can be instantly increased or reduced without any downtime.
  • There is virtually an infinite scale in large cloud hosting infrastructure providers like Amazon and Softlayer where clients typically pay for only the resources they consume which can be billed in increments of minutes.
  • On a dedicated server however, there is a physical limit to available resources and upgrading hardware or moving to a higher configuration hardware involves planned downtime and reconfiguration of the server as well.

To sum up, there are considerable advantages of opting for cloud server in comparison to a dedicated server hosting under Cloud Windows VPS or Cloud Linux VPS with a reliable cloud hosting provider:

  • Cloud storage along with flexible CPU and Memory resources
  • Pay as you go pricing plans with flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your services at any point of time
  • Restoring your VM or part of it is just a few mouse clicks away.
  • Highly skilled support engineers are ready 24×7, to help you resolve any issue with your managed Cloud servers.
  • 99.9% uptime SLA for your cloud servers.

Diadem Technologies offers cloud server hosting on the latest Intel Hexcore CPUs with SAS SCSI HDDs alongwith ample RAM and data transfer resources at the world’s leading datacenter provider at their IDC in Singapore, Asia. Coupled with our dedicated technical team, we host and deploy VMs and cloud servers for leading SMEs and mid-sized corporates in India.

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