Diadem hosting services, now available at a datacenter near you!

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At Diadem Technologies, we strive to deliver an enhanced web hosting experience which our customers expect from a professional web hosting provider. In keeping with this commitment, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new hosting facility from Singapore, which is situated bang in the middle of the APAC region and would enable much faster access to websites, emails and applications which we host in this new datacenter facility. The Singapore datacenter has been built by Softlayer, which is the world’s largest and most innovative datacenter services provider. We have been using their network ever since 2006 and have found their network, hardware and support services to be top notch and very efficient. This multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art  datacenter facility has the following specs:
  • Capacity: more than 16,000 dedicated servers
  • 30 MW available input power
  • 12 x 800Kva UPS Battery Backup Units, 2N
  • 12 x 2000Kw Diesel Generator with On-site Fuel Storage, N+1
With over 2000 Gbps of network connectivity across the Softlayer 13 datacenters and a reduced latency time compared to US datacenters, our customers can expect the load time of their websites and the time taken to access their emails, stored files and databases to drop considerably as we move our servers from the US to Asia, since almost all our network traffic (incoming and outgoing) is from this region. As an added example, I have run ping and traceroute commands to both our servers in the Softlayer US and the SG datacenters and found the the singapore servers to have a much lower latency (by over 70%) and also much less hops are required to reach the singapore servers. Average ping response to US server:312 ms Pinging plesk04.diadem-tech.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=312ms TTL=47 Reply from bytes=32 time=313ms TTL=47 Reply from bytes=32 time=313ms TTL=47 Reply from bytes=32 time=312ms TTL=47 Ping statistics for Minimum = 312ms, Maximum = 313ms, Average = 312ms Compare this with our singapore server which has a 70% lower latency at 97 ms: Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=97ms TTL=115 Reply from bytes=32 time=98ms TTL=115 Reply from bytes=32 time=97ms TTL=115 Reply from bytes=32 time=98ms TTL=115 Ping statistics for Minimum = 97ms, Maximum = 98ms, Average = 97ms (215 ms less then the US server!) Here are some images of the SL Singapore datacenter and some links from their blogs: Links from Softlayer.com on their international expansion: As you can view from the above pics, this is a brand new datacenter with all the network security, performance and scaling up advantages which you can expect from the world’s leading datacenter provider and we are excited to bring this network closer to our customers. We start moving our first server from US to Asia, this weekend and this will be an ongoing process, till we migrate the bulk of our servers over the next few months and deliver an outstanding hosting experience to our customers, all over again! [ratings]

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