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There are numbers of free Linux web hosting control panel available but in this post talks about CentOS Web Panel or CWP – a free Linux hosting control panel. The CWP is very lightweight but with compact and much-needed features that should be there in a Linux Hosting Control Panel. The CWP has user-friendly GUI, which will help from beginners to an expert in managing the free Linux web hosting panel with ease. Here in this blog, we would like to discuss some of the unique features of the CWP Dashboard which will help you understand and use the panel better. Let us have a look at the CWP Dashboard and discuss in details its different components and features.

CWP Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel Dashboard

As evident from the above screenshot of CWP one can easily monitor the server resource usage and the basic details at a glance. The compact and power pack features of the CWP Dashboard are listed below:
  • Top 5 Processes in the free linux web hosting control panel interface for users At the glance view, you can find the top users using the CPU process which is an important tool to monitor the server status for system admins. A broad overview of the panel monitoring section helps one to view all the process, the health status, CPUs, Mem usage, Swap usage. It is basically the GUI view of TOP which is a command-line utility tool which helps in viewing the processes currently running in the server. The live load uses the top command to show the performance and load used by the specific user. You will also find MySQL current process to view the task running without logging to the CLI. Below that there is the MySQL process list where you can track the live queries. A user can view the following data using the MySQL option:
    • MySQL process list
    • Query State
    • Time is taken by a query to execute
    • Database
    • Slow query
    • Thread count and many more
  • Disk Usage Details The disk space usage can be viewed from the dashboard. One can also view the details of the files and folders. There is also a feature of complete disk usage status where one can browse the following options:
    • Total disk space
    • Available disk space
    • Used disk space
    • Directory listing
    • Directory wise usage
    • Folders and file adding, list view, delete and edit.
    • Compress a folder and file
    • Change permission
    • Upload new files
    • Port Scan
    • Server information
    • Php file manager configuration
    • Move copy and delete
  • Service Status A user can view the current services running. Also, from here one can start and stop service or reboot a service if needed. Chkconfig is a command line utility which specifies at which run-level you want to can start a selected service. In this free Linux hosting panel, one will be able to list the services running in the panel along with their current status. From the front panel of CWP, the services can be edited as by turning the same off/on or to run on a specific run level.
  • System stats It gives a consolidated overview of the present system health status. One can also check the mail queue, drop cache. A screenshot is shared below: DC – Drop Cache (DC) option will flush the memory cache when there is a shortage of RAM. One can use this option to flush the RAM when there is a low memory issue. Kindly note doing the same very is not recommended very frequently as the cache is used to speed up the server. Mail Queue – It gives a view of the present emails in queue.
  • Application Version It helps to give you a consolidated overview of the version of applications installed on the server. Also if there are multiple PHP version installed then you can switch between different versions from the option PHP Switcher. PHP Switcher – To change server wide PHP version when multiple PHP versions are installed.

Our Verdict:

At Diadem Technologies, we have been working with commercial and enterprise grade hosting panels like Plesk for over 15 years now but since many users  might find these panels as an unwanted expense, free linux web hosting control panel like CentOS Web Panel are catching up on features, perfoamance, stabiilty and will continue to improve in the near future.  Though there are several other free Linux web hosting control panels available we would like to give CWP a rating of 7 out of 10 for their panel. The rating of this Linux hosting panel is based on the user-friendly GUI pros and cons. This free Linux hosting panel is compact gives live information, stable and functionalities fullfill the basic needs of web hosting panels. Feel free to post feedback and comments on other free Linux hosting control panel in the market for the benefit of other viewers of this post  

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