Now available: Hosted Email Archiving Service with Diadem MailVault

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Diadem MailVault Hosted Email Archiving

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest service – the Diadem MailVault Universal Email Archiving and recovery solution for SME’s and mid-sized businesses who need a central email archiving service to backup and keep a log of all incoming and outgoing emails for their domain. The MailVault email archiving software has been developed by DigitalGlue and its founder, Mr. Sharad Popli is a pioneering Internet technologist and had also co-founded QLC which had developed the Postmaster email gateway software and had been a great success, still in use by thousands of businesses as a LAN based email server and gateway. The Diadem MailVault email archiving solution is a cloud hosted email backup and recovery service which allows businesses to log all incoming and outgoing emails for compliance, email recovery and business continuity purposes. Since email is the single most critical IT investment for businesses, worldwide, the missing or deleted emails can have a major impact for a business when communicating with clients and vendors. Similarly, as e-mail messages increasingly take center stage in headlines and lawsuits, it has become the electronic equivalent of DNA evidence. Having a system in place that takes this risk into account is crucial for businesses that don’t want to end up at the center of one of these disreputable and potentially damaging situations. Key features of the Diadem MailVault email archiving solution is given below:
  • Automated email collection and archiving
  • Cloud enabled storage solution which expands as per your mail archival needs
  • Compatible with all leading mail server software in Linux and Windows OS
  • Quick, powerful search system to retrieve archived mails
  • Flexible retention policies for archived email
  • Litigation Support
  • No long term commitments or contracts.
  • Quick and seamless implementation with no downtime of your existing mail service
The Diadem MailVault email archiving service comes bundled with user licenses, cloud storage, data backups and technical support which ensures that there are no hidden costs or usage charges.  You can read more about our cloud email archiving solution on our website and also signup for a 15 Day Free Trial of our email archiving service. Questions? Visit our email archiving FAQ page or contact our sales team for a quick response.

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