Howto Create ‘Catch all’ subdomains in Plesk

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A ‘catch all’  subdomain allows you to redirect all users who might type in  where ‘subdomain’ could be any subdomain which you would like to redirect users from.

Why would you need catch all subdomains

Maybe you have a few subdomains but sometimes your visitors are accessing non-existing subdomains. So the most appropriate solution would be to either redirect them to your main website or at least show them a list of available pages.

Step-by-step configuration in Plesk

  1. Create a subdomain ‘z-WILDCARD’ in Plesk – under the admin section of the right domain. Why do we need this name?  Because this entry should be the last entry in the list of subdomains, otherwise this “trick

2 responses to “Howto Create ‘Catch all’ subdomains in Plesk”

  1. Ben says:

    First off, thanks for posting a tutorial like that.
    I tried to follow it step by step (I use Plesk 10.2 with Ubuntu) and except for the folder (there was nothing in /srv so I went to /var instead) and the command to restart apache (I used init.d) everything seemed to be as you described it. Well, except for the fact that absolutely nothing happened. Using non-existant subdomains just makes me end up in 404 limbo.
    I’ll be looking elsewhere now – maybe you know a possible reason why I failed and can adapt your tutorial in the future.


  2. MichalGow says:

    Aftter adding vhosts.conf with wildcard is to website’s folder redirected even subdomain “webmail”, which is dedicated to webmail on server (and which have been working fine before adding vhosts.conf).

    Solution for Plesk 9 ( is in renaming files zz001_atmail_vhost.conf & zz001_horde_vhost.conf. But they’re removed from Plesk 10…

    Do you have any hint for Plesk 10?

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