Why Managed WordPress Hosting is Important For Your Business?

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Managed WordPress Hosting

In the past few years, WordPress websites have gained an increasingly high amount of popularity due to which web hosting service providers are switching to hosts that specialize only in WordPress websites. This service is known as Managed WordPress Hosting service. This is basically a service which ensures that the host manages and takes care of all the technical aspects of running a WordPress site. These aspects can include scalability, website uptime, daily backups, WordPress updates, speed and security. The main idea and advantage of utilizing this service is that since all trivial matters are being taken care of by the host, the client can easily focus on their personal business and website content instead of hassling the most basic of technical issues. Another positive point about getting a Managed WordPress Hosting service is that you get access to premium support. This means that all your support comes from actual WordPress experts instead of laymen reading an instructions manual. Many customers have verbalized their experience by saying that having a WordPress hosting service is like a five star hotel for your website. Other customers have said that with this service, it feels like having an army of WordPress experts by your side. Some of the main advantages of a Managed WordPress Hosting Service include:


Since the server is dedicated to WordPress websites, it gives you extremely quick access even during peak traffic times.

Advanced Security

The web hosting service for WordPress has an extremely tight security layer which continuously scans for any malware while blocking all hacking attempts. In short, the service is almost completely hack-free.

Professional Support

Unlike regular web hosting service providers, the staff available for WordPress are experts of their field and provide you with much quicker and effective solutions for your problems.

Everyday Backups

Backups are created on a daily basis and you can request to get restore points in order to revert to the setting of a previous day.

Automated Updates

All updates are done automatically and you do not have to worry about keeping your site up to date for SEO or any other purposes.

Zero Downtime

It is almost impossible for your website to go down because of traffic. No matter how much traffic is being pushed through, the web hosts will be able to bear it.

Development Tools

The development tools often vary by the service provider you are using, but most commonly you get tools like version control or staging area, etc. Looking at all these benefits probably has you hooked already. But a Managed WordPress Hosting service is not suitable for you if are a beginner in the website world or want to start up your personal blog. A regular WordPress hosting service is what you actually need and is also much more affordable. On the other hand, small businesses or high traffic websites are the perfect clients for a Managed WordPress Hosting service who need additional security services integrated to prevent their websites from getting malware infected. If you would like to know more about wordpress security, also check our blog post on the must have WordPress Security plugins for 2016.

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