http port 80 redirection
If you want to redirect all incoming TCP traffic on port 80 to a custom port say 8089 on the local machine, then xinetd is a good option. Xinetd, the Extended Internet Daemon, is an open-source super-server  daemon which runs on many Unix-like  systems and manages Internet-based connectivity. Follow the below steps redirect to the 80 port. Login to your Linux server as super user i.e. ‘root’. Create a file under /etc/xinetd.d/ folder as http_redirector
# vi /etc/xinetd.d/http_redirector
Now add the following entries in the files.
service http_redirector { type = UNLISTED disable = no socket_type = stream protocol = tcp user = root wait = no port = 80 redirect = 8089 log_type = FILE /tmp/httpredirector.log }
Restart the xinetd service.
# service xinetd restart
That’s all you are done.
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  1. Luis says:

    Thanks a lot man, I got it working immediately with your post!

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