By now, you must already know that Internet is not immaterial. Hosted data is stored and operated from tangible data centers, where all the content and files you use online are stored. While consumers simply get to use the Internet as if it were intangible, companies and organizations invest in hosted servers to make information and content available online. These hosted data servers are located in data centers, which house a collection of such servers, typically built with superior processors. In short, the world depends on advanced hardware to make internet happen.

What is Intel Skylake CPU and why is it important for hosting servers? 

Data centers need to invest in servers that are cutting-edge and ensure that security is always taken care of. A data center’s duty is to ensure that all files stored on its servers are safe and secure, with data encryption being given a high priority.

This is why, it matters which processor is used to run these servers, as security and stability largely depend on the kind of processors that a data center uses. Intel’s new generation scalable Skylake processors pack in a lot of might. In fact, Skylake SP is the most versatile and highest-performance data center platform that Intel has ever released.

In order to understand what makes this latest processor so important, let us take a look at some of its technical features.

Previously branded as E3, E5, and E7, Intel has completely rebranded its Skylake range of Xeon processors. Intel has christened these Intel Skylake CPUs “Xeon Scalable Processor Family”. The scalable processors are branded using metallic names: Bronze at the lowest level, and Platinum at the highest level, with Silver and Gold making up space in between. The new Skylake-SP platform comes with these important features:

  • QuickAssist accelerators which help with cryptography
  • AVX512 vector instruction extensions
  • Omni-Path interconnect

All the new scalable Xeon processors of the Skylake SP range come with advanced features such as integrating accelerators and interconnects. The most advanced Xeon SP data center comes with the possibility of adding even more internal cards, accelerators, and processors such as a Xeon Phi.

Technical benefits of Intel Skylake CPU over previous/other processors in hosting solutions 

  1. The newer Intel Skylake processors are more than 1.65 times faster than the older E3 and E5 processors.
  2. With the scalable chips ranging from 8 cores to 28 cores, the Xeon Scalable Platform is the most competitive Intel has launched in a decade.
  3. The newer processors can support 4.2 times more virtual machines when compared with previous systems.
  4. It also supports the 5G network almost 2.5 times better.
  5. Companies have witnessed performance improvements in the range of 25% to 100% after switching to the newer processors.

Certainly, Intel Skylake hosting is the fastest hosting server your business needs.

Business benefits of a data center with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

There are several business benefits of using a data center that is equipped with Intel Skylake Scalable platform.

  1. Your information technology department runs quickly and efficiently, as Skylake SP is the fastest hosting server.
  2. With quickness, the processors also bring performance that is unmatched with other platforms.
  3. In fact, businesses that use a Xeon Skylake dedicated server free up time and other resources, so that they have time for critical tasks.
  4. Data centers with Xeon SP processors have the most advanced security features you can imagine. All your data is not only encrypted in the most secure manner, but also protected from all kinds of threats that one may imagine.
  5. Xeon SP data centers help companies with their digital transformation. With an impressive speed and performance delivered at an affordable cost, startups and businesses of all sizes will have ample resources to move forward with their digital transformation.

Diadem is one of the first few companies in India to offer Intel Skylake hosting 

Diadem recently launched a new set of hardware servers at its internet data center, GPX. Diadem’s GPX consists of the latest Intel Skylake CPUs. Currently, very few Indian companies have ventured to invest in Skylake-SP processors, making Diadem one of the pioneers. Along with offering Skylake-SP processors to its customers for the fastest performance and highest security, Diadem’s GPX offers following benefits.

  • Multilevel physical security, 24/7 security, advanced CCTV system, controlled access to facility
  • At least 50 hours of fuel backup
  • Advanced cooling systems
  • Safety against water and fire hazards
  • Personnel such as engineers, customer service, etc available 24/7
  • Our data center is equipped with infrastructure to maintain excellent physical conditions such as specified levels of heat and humidity, a constant supply of electricity, regular maintenance, etc.

Diadem has committed itself to bringing the latest technology to its customers, well before its competitors can. In future, Diadem’s GPX will continue to upgrade its processors to ensure that all its servers are years ahead of its competitors’ making GPX internet data center one of the top-notch globally. Diadem’s credibility as a reliable internet data center not only depends on its physical infrastructure but also on its commitment to encrypt and safeguard all data using the latest methods available.

Diadem’s internet data centers turbocharge digital transformation

It is critical to evaluate the infrastructure of your data center before trusting it with all your files. By choosing a vendor that has the latest infrastructure such as the latest Intel Skylake CPU, you will avoid many disadvantages that older processors posed. E5 and E7 processors weren’t as fast or reliable as the latest scalable Xeon processors. At Diadem, we use only Intel Skylake-SP, as these processors are scalable and make the perfect choice as data center platforms.

With 5G networks poised to take center-stage, Diadem’s Xeon Skylake dedicated server will help you scale even as data download rates increase exponentially.To make sure that you are on the fastest hosting server, we prioritize latest technology and hardware.

Intel Xeon Scalable platform has already begun to turbocharge digital transformation for companies that have already taken the plunge. As this technology is still nascent, you will have a competitive advantage when you choose Diadem’s Intel Skylake-SP hosting. To propel your business toward success, call us up today so that we can help you with all your hosting requirements.

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